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G'day All,

I've just been given a fully functioning (I can turn it on) TCA1100. I used an 1100 some time ago but with a controller I'm sure. I remember somehow using an HP calculator as a controller but, phew, that was eons ago. All I want to know it how to use the jigger without a controller if possible. I'm retiring in a month or two and the instrument will make a handy addition to the tool shed for the odd chookhouse setout here or there if it is operational.



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  •  No Problem,I find things all the time that I forgot I had. It is like car,or anything else.

    Was not any problem to work on it, now you have to take it to a shop just for a tune up

    or change a water pump. Simple is Golden ,you should be able to turn it on and it works.

    Glad I could help.


  • Phew, I'll be reading for weeks. thanks Billy

  • Hi Doug,

    Here is the programs  booklet. I think there may be two vol. I will look for it,do not know if I have it but this will help if you have or get them.

    There is over 300 pages in this file. It says 2000 but it is the 1000 series.

    Download tps2000_application_reference_manual_en (1).pdf

  • Both came through OK

  • Hi Doug,

    I hope I do not get these mixed up, this one Has over 1000 pages. I will stop now and go over everything before I send any more

    Download tps1100 (1).pdf

  • Hi Doug,

    Here is one more ,I see Axemen may have already sent you the last one. But here is the Reference Manual.

    Download tps1100.pdf

  • Hi Doug,

    Not sure,about all these models but can not hurt to have them. I will have to send them one at a time.

    Download tps1000_system_usermanual_en.pdf

  •  Hi Doug,

    I still have I think 3 or more different files on that jigger give me alittle time If I can get them to upload I will sent them to.

    I know all about that forget things, us Dino's have to write things down.The other files are on one of my old computers but it still runs good.

    So maybe no problem. talk to you later.

    good day mate.


  • Thanks heaps Billy, just brousing quickly through the manual I may have found what I'm after. It's been ten years at least since I used an 1100 and at my age I forget things easily. For the last 7 or 8 years I've been using Trimble which doesn't help! Thanks again. Cheers, Doug

  • Hi Doug,

    I found some files and manuals in my database. I think this is the correct jigger.

    This is the user manual tps 1100.Download Leica TPS 1100 Series User Manual.pdf

    I will look at the other ones and check there size,and if it will work I will try them.

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