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Hello to the community. 

I am a new member to the forum and am grateful to have been accepted into a a membership. 

I am base in the UK and am a Surveyor recruiter. This is a new industry for me. I joined this forum because I am interested in learning about the challenges surveyors face along with the solutions for them. To know what is interesting and key knowledge for someone in this industry is why I am here. 

I can of course share jobs that I get on and would be happy to discuss options with people if you're happy to do so. 

I look forward to speaking with you all and learning from you. 

Thanks all


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  • Party Chief

    Welcome to the community Mathew... looking forward to seeing how many Surveyors Seeking Employment you can assist...Also feel free to add your available positions to our jobs board..

    • Hello Jaybird, 

      Thank you for your warm welcome. Definitely looking forward to that myself, I will get cracking with adding jobs in to the board Monday coming as that's when I will officially be starting the new role. 

      Exciting times! 

      Any advice or information in to the industry from yourself and anyone in the community is greatly appreciated.

      Looking forward to learning from everyone!  

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