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    Guys & Gals: I have taken the test (3) times, LSI and have come close but no cigar. I have been working in the field for 14 years! I have been nick-named by sevral professionals as a hound-dog, bulldog, treasure hunter & a cowboy! I never leave a stone unturned. But when I sit in that room, its like everything has been sucked out of my head and nothing makes sense. Several say well you are just not a good test taker. Well passing the test is the only way I will be licensned. No grandfather clause or honorary licenses have been issued. I sit for the test in October again, but I am feeling lost. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
    • I've always been considered a good test taker, so maybe a few of my tips could help, though I am not licensed.

      -Don't spend too much time on one question, move on and come back later to tough ones. Sometimes when you get through the others, one or two of the others will spark a memory for the tougher ones you left behind.
      -Find out your weaknesses and study up on them, you may be a great surveyor, but like you said, you forget things and if you pound them in, they may stick.
      -Get all of the recommended books and pour over them like a Bible, not only will this help your weak points, but will sharpen your strong points as well ... I'm pretty sure it's open book too, correct?
      -Get a study pal, it helps to bounce things off of other people. If you speak them and hear them spoken, you may be able to remember them better.
  • I passed it! Texas RPLS No. 6106
  • Congratulations! I am still waiting on the results. Texas is Slooooow. I find out Friday, June 12th
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