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Best Handheld GPS for Land SurveyorsHello everyone, I want to buy a handheld GPS and I need advice on which brand or model is best out there that I can use for Reconnaissance survey and also use to accurately locate a point. Thanks

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  • Land Surveyor


    I trhink that you could try these:

    1. Used Ashtech Mobile Mapper 10.

    2. Used Ashtech ProMark 100

    They give very good accuracies.

    Have a nice day.

    Jesus F. Pacheco

  • I use an older Garmin (76csx) handheld gps. Cost around $400. In good conditions it might get within 15 feet. However if under canopy or near walls, it says it is within 15 but may be out 40 feet.

    Looking at getting something in the sub meter accuracy. Looks like I might have to pay upwards of $3000.

  • Vendor

    I can recommend the leica zeno if you want realy good accuracy,

  • I know of no hand-held GPS that provides survey grade accuracy.

    To obtain survey grade accuracy, a base station (survey grade GPS) must occupy a point for at least 2 hours and then the data is post processed to obtain its coordinates. 

    Once the Base station coordinates are set, a RTK rover can be used to transmit and receive data to and from the base station, via UHF, along with the satellites data. This activity applies corrections to the rover. It takes ±2 minutes to get an accurate location with the rover under ideal conditions.. 

  • Vendor

    For the handheld GPS, there are two kinds, simple one is like the garmin gps, the other is some kind with a bigger size with camera and mobile phone call. 

    The simple one can touch an accuracy 3 meters normally. (Garmin, BHC nava)

    The second one can get a precision sub-meter or even decimeter, centimeter, like we call GIS terminal. (Trimble, CHC)

  • I have been looking for the same thing and also an app for my droid phone (I think the phones might be more accurate)  to enter state  plane coords and traverse by bearing and dist. to find points/section corners. It seem harder than you might think to find one and one that is user friendly. hopefully we will get more input here. Thanks

  • Government Professional
    Any device with android operating system, a 10 dollar app called "locus map" and decent gps on board, for example I use my cell phone a LG G3. The app has many maps styles to chose from and once they are loaded on the screen they are cached for offline use whenever you lose cell reception or Wi-Fi. It allows for track record, waypoints, attaching attribute data and photos to points, export and import of kml/did/etc. I typically utilize the usgs scanned maps and Google satellite imagery. You can try the free version out and see how it works before you commit one way or the other.

    Good luck

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