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Beyond Limits – For a Dynamic Future Cadastre Daniel Steudler | SBAS CAT-I available in Europe Pedro Pintor, Teodoro Seoane , Ridha Chaggara AND Roberto Roldán | Spatial map policies N K Agrawal | Systematic cadastral registration using UAV technology Prof Dr Murat MEHA, Kathrine Kelm, Muzafer Çaka and Qazim Sinani | The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016 (Draft) sans-serif"">| Download your copy of May 2016 issue!



Systematic cadastral registration using UAV technology
Prof Dr Murat MEHA, Kathrine Kelm, Muzafer Çaka and Qazim Sinani

This paper presents the results of scaling up the use of UAV technology for registration of property rights in the Republic of Kosovo, while showing practical challenges faced and lessons learned... [more]



Draft Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016 of India
A Bill to regulate the acqusition, dissemination, publication and distribution of geospatial information of India which is likely to affect the securty, sovereignty and integrity of India and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. The Government of India has prepared the draft of “The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016”...
Helvetica, sans-serif"">Please share your views/feedback about the policy at [email protected] [more]


 SBAS CAT-I available in Europe
Pedro Pintor, Teodoro Seoane , Ridha Chaggara AND Roberto Roldán
LPV200 service brings improvement in the existing Air Navigation capacities and infrastructure in Europe enabling the implementation of the PBN concept in Europe within the Single European Sky and the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan...

 Beyond Limits – For a Dynamic Future Cadastre
Daniel Steudler
This article is based on the publication “Beyond Limits” by the Swiss “Dimension Cadastre”think tank. The intention of “Beyond Limits” is not to predict the future, but to identify and discuss trends that are felt within soci.ety and within the professional community ...

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$ale by FoIF! - attractive discount on its products

‘STARFIRE’ by the numbers!

Trimble Unity 3.0

MobileMapper 300 driven by DigiTerra Explorer v7

‘Qpad X5’– High-precision Rugged Tablet

Nikon Quality – Count on it

S-3180V scanning system by PENTAX

Teledyne to acquire CARIS

New UltraCam Condor for nationwide mapping

Surface Navigator and True North Finding System by iMAR has selected STIM300

‘INTERGEO’ – Global Hub of the Geospatial Community!

New Reference Servers, Monitoring Receiver by Leica

ANTCOM-Excellence in Antenna and Microwave Products


‘Your thick trees and Our six RTK engines making friends!’

India unlikely to budge on GPS diktat for mobile phones

Russian Aerospace University release new GPS Easy Suite

GPS/GLONASS development kit with patch antenna evaluation board

EU approves new rule on personal data protection, including Geolocation

SpaceX wins its first national securty launch contract

China Launches BeiDou IGSO Spacecraft

Satellites to keep Japanese connected when disaster strikes

Awarding Galileo Enabled Applications

Ground-based Galileo satellite joins postlaunch dress rehearsal


Micro Carb to map CO2 levels

Philippines deploys DIWATA-1

Aerial Photgraphy, Inspection Top List of FAA-Approved Business Uses for UAS

Indian Industry Group presses for UAS Operating Rules

Helvetica, sans-serif"">FAA committee allows micro UAVs to fly over cities and crowds

Hemisphere GNSS strategic partnership with CPAC Systems AB

Imaginary mobile devices to deceive location-based apps

Chinese driverless cars tests begin, aim to beat Google car

Pune, India starts GISenabled tree census

National Hydrology Project gets cabinet clearance in India

Multi-sensor IOT board hosts EVA-7M GPS/GNSS receiver


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