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I'm in the woods a lot and I've always used the hard carry case believing it keeps my total station less susceptible to damage.Ā  I'm having some shoulder issues and thinking about trying a soft back pack.Ā  Do they keep instrument secure?Ā  Are they easier on your back?Ā  What style do you recommend?



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  • Government Professional

    Hello Bill,

    You can try Seco products. . their backpack type is great. .Ā Ā 

  • Land Surveyor

    The best solution is make a custom soft pack with padding where you can put the whole hard case inside. Worked best for us. I have almost 18 TS and I am from Nepal and you know the difficult terrain. But you have to make a new one often like 3 months or so. But it dosent cost a lot here only abou1201358276?profile=originalt 30$. I have put a sample picture but you can make more improvement.

    • Land Surveyor


      I really appreciate your suggestion. If it works in your terrain, which I can Ā see from your profile picture is both beautiful and extremely challenging, Ā it will definitely work for me.Ā 



  • Student Surveyor Admin

    here are a few i like



    i found these on Equipment Hunter

    New - Front Loading Surveying Backpack Total Station Theodolite
    $204.98End Date: Friday Oct-26-2018 11:51:13 PDTBuy It Now for only: $204.98Buy It Now | Add to watch list
  • Land Surveyor

    The hardcase backpack setup for the Trimble robot is twice as big as the traditional hardcases that I was used to with the Lieca and Topcons TS's of the past. Its bulky to say the least but it protects the equipment. I never carried my case with the old instruments, keeping them attached to the tripod and hoofing it wherever all day. Many people cringed at that but I was super careful and never bumped the tough Topcon enough to even need a recalibration. I wouldn't trust the Trimble to have lasted through a quarter of the paths that I walked with the Topcon. Robots seem a bit too delicate nowadays, so I say, you'll want a hardcase.

  • Land Surveyor

    I've used a softcase backpack for a Topcon in the 2000s after I cracked the original hardcase in the cold.Ā  It worked OK, the back was better than the case for long trips, but placing the hardcase in anĀ Alice Pack workedĀ little better.Ā  We calibrate out stuff every year, and any calibration issues may have been more mental that physical. but there was a time when that instrument was giving us trouble 3yrs or soĀ after using the soft case

  • Land Surveyor

    I have done both the hard case (with, and without the straps), and the soft sided backpack, then, I made a backpack that would carry the hard case, and still be comfortable. Yes, It was a bit heavier, but it was a great deal more comfortable than the straps attached to the hard case, and with pockets I had on the outside, I could carry a lot of accessories, and tools. This worked the best for me.

    • Land Surveyor

      I really appreciate you guys taking the time to provide insight.Ā  "Knowing the terrain" was a comment thatĀ I took to heart.Ā  Since so many of you have had good success with themĀ I'm going to buy a top load because I'd worry about the TS falling out the back (Like Jim).Ā  But for those really rough places, I'm going to doĀ what Jon did and makeĀ a backpack to carry my hard case.

      • Land Surveyor

        Hi Bill!

        I'm agree with Jon and Peter.

        Often the hard case isn't so comfortable, but the safety of the equipment is the first!

        Seco has a very good solutions with soft backpack, but with difficult terrain I still prefer the hard case ...


        Carlo Alberto

  • Land Surveyor
    Knowing your Terrain is crucial in determining which carrying case to use. My rule of thumb is the more compact or harder the terrain or ground the harder my shell for instrument cases go.

    The heavy foam instrument back pack in perfect for uneven ground or if your in tight quarters with a lot of metal edges that you will be walking through or don't want to take the chance of internal damage occurring while instrument is in a hard shell back pack kind of deal....Always remember to have your head on a swivel..have a great Survey day:)
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