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Who Represents the Collective Voice of Surveyors in Your Area of the World?

Do you even know?  Is that voice identifiable online? Is it something that you can say you belong to?  Do you feel like your personal-professional voice is being taken into consideration when surveyors in your area are represented?  Is the surveying industry in your area collective represented on a global scale?

Who Represents Surveyors in Your Area?Most likely, the general public in your geographic region has no idea as to the importance of a professional land surveyor.  I say this because it is something that the vast majority of land surveyors on the planet share in common, world-wide.  This needs to change and it is up to us to turn this situation around.  Luckily, this seed of change has been embedded into the mission and goals of Land Surveyors United since 2007.  Nevertheless, it requires a small amount of effort on your part and I will show you the way.  NOTE: A special new tool is introduced at the bottom of this post along with some powerful tips on ways to make the most of your membership on this network by becoming an administrator of your location-based-hub.


A Living Museum of Surveying Online

Our primary mission in building this community has always been to curate Surveying Related discussions, photos, education and most importantly representation for all surveyors in every location on earth.  For this very reason, every group forum (hub) on the network has within it a dedicated forum specifically for that location.  With that said, a membership in this community is a pillar of strength for the industry as a whole, globally, but most importantly, this strength is supported and promoted on the local level.    join your area's hub and start a discussion/share relevant experiences/ meet other surveyors in your area. Land Surveyors United is dedicated to curating a virtual representation of the surveying industry in your location, its history, present and future of land management.  However, let us not forget that Land Surveyors United is not me- it is us. I do what I do so you can do what you do better. Others will follow your example if you give examples to follow. This is how we prepare for the future.


Every surveyor on this network should join and become a part of at least 2 Group Hubs- one for your continent and one for your country/state. This is a quick 2 part process:

1)Join a Group

2) Start a New Discussion in side that group and make your presence known.

You can find quick access to these groups below. Please help us get conversations started in these groups.


Land Surveyors in European CountriesGroup Hubs based on countries in Europe  -




Group Hubs based on countries of AsiaLand Surveyors in Asian Countries








Land Surveyors in African CountriesGroup Hubs based on countries of Africa





Land Surveyors in South American CountriesGroup Hubs based on countries of South America







Land Surveyors in North American CountriesGroup Hubs based on countries of North America










Land Surveyors in CaribbeanGroup Hubs based on countries of Caribbean










Land Surveyors in Middle EastGroup Hubs based on countries of Middle East









Land Surveyors in Australia OceaniaGroup Hubs based on countries in Oceania












Be Proactive

* If you are interested in becoming the Moderator for your country, become a part of our Organization Structure and rally surveyors in your area together in your own micro-community, please send a message to  Justin to discuss.  It is our goal to empower all of you to build bulletproof reputations online and in your location.

Can't Find Your Location Represented?

* We recognize the fact that hubs for all countries on the planet have not yet been creates, as each group forum was built to serve members already in the order they joined.  Nevertheless, our goal is to have representation of all geographic areas, so if you find that your area does not yet have a Group Hub, please send Justin a message.  If you would like to assume the responsibility of developing representation of surveyors in your area and moderate the growth of your local group, let him know that as well.  Your group forum will be created for you and time required for moderation is minimal, yet rewarding!

For Surveying Company Owners

* If you are a company Survey Company Owner (Hub for Company Owners)you can add a highly optimized company listing to our Surveyors Company Directory for a simple donation to the network

(read more about the directory)


As Promised

New Tool to Play With: Location Based GeoChat


To help with testing and feedback on development of this geochat feature, join the new Location Based Chat Group and ask questions in the forum.

Notice this tool is currently in beta development stages and usable and feedback/reports of bugs welcome.  I am personally excited for the possibilities for global chat on June 21st @noon. 


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  • Land Surveyor

    Land Surveyors United can't be beat. 

  • 'Justin


    Why not added  Sri lankan land surveyors


  • superb but being a member of this forum i dont see my country being represented that is Papua New Guinea (PNG), in the oceania region
    • GEO Ambassador

      thanks for taking the initiative to bring PNG surveyors together Derek!

    • GEO Ambassador

      Thanks Derek!  I'll add it for you tonight.  Would you like to become the administrator of the group?

  • GEO Ambassador

    Terrific post and very helpful grouping of links to location based hubs.  

    Any advice on ways to initiate conversations inside the groups we join?

    • GEO Ambassador

      Discussions are the lifeblood of any online community. When members interact, they build relationships. It’s those relationships that keep members coming back.

      * Look on any group's main page for the module which looks like this and click on the +Start a new discussion (you can pull in videos/photos/maps and documents into the discussion

      There are basically three types of discussions you could initiate:

      1)   Conveying information discussions. Conveying information discussions exchange information. In most communities, these discussions receive the least response. Ask a question, propose a solution, etc.
      2)   Bonding-related discussions. In bonding-related discussions, members talk about their passions or share their opinions on different topics. This is the best way to put yourself out there and meet other members who are from your geographic area. This facilitate closer bonds between yourself and other members.
      3)   Status-jockeying discussions.  In so-called "status-jockeying discussions", members talk about themselves. They talk about their own experiences, achievements, and what they have done in similar situations. Members should use this type of discussion as an opportunity to generate a favorable impression of themselves among other members. Discussions like these can generate a lot of traffic (especially if the title is eye catching and attention grabbing).  Subsequently conversations such as these can zoom high in search engines, helping you build a more favorable reputation online.

      Tip: Try not to focus solely on conveying information discussions if your purpose is building relationships. Instead, aim to initiate, facilitate, and highlight far more bonding-related discussions than conveying information discussions.

      Also take a look at 


      • GEO Ambassador

        Make sure you initiate a discussion as a question that includes a very brief paragraph about why you’re asking the question.  It’s typically best to ask the question in the subject line of the discussion itself.

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