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I’m in the market to purchase a used robotic total station but my current controler doesn’t have radio, just BT.

How easy it it to add the module? I’d rather not go via my distributor as this would triple the cost I’d expect.

Any ideas where would be the place to get one if this is feasible?


btw I’m in the UK

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  • Party Chief

    Superior Surveyor Services of Tampa said

    The cost is 2800 to add a radio to The Collector it also has to have the robotic module activated also and it's another 800 if he doesn't already have it I have a trimble tsc3 with Trimble access in a 2.4 radio 4200and I also have Spectra Ranger 3 with survey Pro with a 2.4 radio for 4000

    best in business...

  • I have two Focus 30 robots. I have a Ranger3 with 2.4 gig radio and a nomad that is just BT. I bought a Trimble 2.4 radio accessory that connects to Nomad with a serial cable and mounts to the DC bracket on the prism pole. Works great. Bought it on eBay
    • Hi Dennis, This may be the way forward for me. Do you have the dtails of the radio device so I can search for it.


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