Surveying is increasingly a divided profession.

I have read this type of statement inside traderags and surveying media for most of my life.  It is just this type of statement that keeps land surveyors feeling as if they are supposed to be divided from one another, keeping everyone in check, separate and dependent upon whoever wrote it for whatever reason.  I for one am happy that this is changing, which is what keeps me so motivated to continue developing Land Surveyors United.

The fact that traderags will not write up a story about LSU or mention us, despite the fact that we have become so important to the lives of those in the surveying industry, is even more proof that the big media companies want to keep everyone separate, divided and dependent on them for "news" in surveying.  In a network such as LSU, with close to 80+ new members per week, wouldn't you say that surveying is becoming, rather, more united?  Perhaps a UNITED body of land surveyors is worth fearing if you own a magazine.

I got this quote from here, if you are interested.

So I ask you... is surveying an increasingly divided profession?  I'd like to hear from you.

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I disagree that the Land Surveying industry is divided. I think many wish it was for their own personal gain. 

Surveyors seem to have no idea how bad it is collectively to never voice their opinion individually.  Don't you guys realize the fact that EVERY OTHER industry except for this one is comprised of professionals with voiced opinions?  Why do you think there has never been a real community for members of the oldest profession known to man?  You have been TAUGHT to be scared.  You have been TAUGHT that your COMMENT or opinion doesn't really matter.  You have been TAUGHT to fear communication and remain dependent on magazines for news and truth.  You have been TAUGHT to remain separate, suffer and die.

Why do you think every other surveying website is either A) a place of ridicule and debate or B) a place set up to serve as a virtual cash machine for the website owner?  It is because most remain comfortable just being separate.  Do you not have an opinion of your own?

I see that surveying is a decreasingly divided profession.  United?  Very soon; we are working on it, together.

There are many land surveying societies now.  I believe that surveyors for the most part are working together. If we don't come together and work together, we'll soon lose are status as professionals. There are still a few land surveyors out there that do our profession a disservice. The enactment of many states to require bachelor degrees to become a professional surveyor will also help in the near future.

Join your state society of surveyors and if you do not have one, create one. This makes your collective voices louder to your state board of Engineers and Surveyors.

.....and stop the pincushion effect!


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