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So it's midnight, there are twenty blokes watching you do your thing, ready to do their thing with their big expensive toys as soon as you're finished. The alignment you've keyed in looks OK, the controller says put the peg right here. OK... better just check that offset. What the Dickens, it measure 2.253! should be 2.000 or there abouts. No amount of searching or phone calls to colleagues tucked up in bed had the answer. Utterly frustrated it was back to the tape measure. The controller was laying in a ditch where I had thrown it in disgust.

Why would the display shown on the TSC3 be so far removed from reality. Has anyone had a similar experience. What setting had I got wrong?



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  • First - when setting up your base station ( I assumed) you started as "HERE" instead of finding the record coordinate of the base point. GPS rover/base systems will always have this problem

    Second - Check your collector units vs. the plan units. US Feet vs Feet or international feet will cause an error such as you described.

    Third - go old school and always have check point or two on a site. I've actually had folks move control on me to disrupt a project... Think tree hugger/protestor
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      Ā I do not think pressing the here button is a good idea.Ā  I was told that you should only use the here function once or twice on each job. It is better to use the record coordinate.

    • Thanks for the reply Kevin. Actually "old school" is a great description of how I do things or at least think about things. All these modern tools still do what I've done for fifty years and that's measure stuff. In this case I was using Trimble S8 jigger, in metres. All the other check you suggest were duly carried out.Ā 

      Thanks again


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