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Still won't connect to WMDC....looked under Active Sync in the windows programs and has this displayed...

Windows PC

Synchronized: 9/27/16

Attention required

So when I tap on "Attention required", this is what is stated....


Connection Not Valid: Unable to open the connection "USB". This connection is no longer valid or does

not exist. Select a different connection and try again.

Last synchronized: 9/27/16

Last attempt: 9/30/16

Anyone have a clue to what I need to do....thanks, Ron....I also tried on my old computer with windows XP with active sync and it would not recognize the tsc2.....

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  • Party Chief

    The connection between Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) and your mobile device and be quirky at times.  Below are a few troubleshooting tips to get you connected.

    • USB to PC tool on the Mobile Device ***this usually fixes the connection issues
      • On mobile device, go to start/settings/connections (folder or tab) and choose USB to PC.  If box next to Enable advanced network functionality is checked,  uncheck it, then try connecting to your computer again.  if the box is unchecked, then check it and try connecting to WMDC again.
    • Restart Device
    • Restart PC
    • Try another USB port ***make sure not to use a usb port on a computer monitor
    • Try another USB cable
    • Check for Microsoft Updates
    • Uninstall and Reinstall WMDC
    • Get with your IT department to make sure there are no restrictions on the connection
    • See Support Note

    More Troubleshooting:

    • Verify that the unit is powered on.
    • Connect to a different USB Port on the computer.
    • Connect direct to the computer – bypassing any USB Multiport Hubs you may have connected.
    • Remove any other USB connected devices.  Please note only (1) Windows mobile based device can be connected to your computer at a time.
    • Preform a reset of your Windows Mobile handheld.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Try connecting with a different USB cable
    • Test whether the unit will connect to a different PC.
    • Remove any existing partnerships to Windows Mobile Device Center.  (Partnerships are computer specific and will hinder connections to other machines. Always connect as a guest.)
    • Make sure that your virus scanner is not stopping or blocking the files wmdc.exe or wmdcbase.exe
    • Try uninstalling any mobile device emulator software that may be on your computer such as MyMobiler.
    • Thanks Survenator, I had done all those many times and no luck until last night....I tried a different usb port (one that I tried several times before) and WMDC recognized the TSC2 and connected. The TSC2 shows up under device manager as working properly...But......Trimble Data Transfer or TGO 1.63 won't recognize it for downloading files.....I've got something checked off or not checked on in my TSC2.....any ideas?

      Thanks, Ron.....
      • Got it all working finally....thanks
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