Can anyone plese tell me about the { mathamatically closed but geomatrically open traverse }

this is kind of open traversiong but i have a confusion in mathamatcly .plesea i need your opinion ./

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A closed traverse is one that creates a closed polygon in shape and must be adjusted mathematically to make the geometry of the polygon true. An open traverse begins on a vector with two known coordinates that establish a control bearing and closes on one as well. The adjustment is made holding the begin and end vector. This traverse is typically a jagged line. Thus open and closed traverse.

A closed traverse is one which either closes back upon itself ( a loop traverse ) or one where the relative position of the closing leg is known ~ that is to say, the direction and positions of the two ends of a traverse, which does not close back upon itself, are previously known before beginning the work.  One may adjust out angular and distance errors in this scenario.

An open traverse is one where the relative position of the closing leg is not previously known when starting the work.  This is the least desirable situation, but may be effective if safeguards are taken ~ for example, closing the horizon on each setup or taking several redundant sets of angles at each setup.  One cannot adjust the open traverse, but must rely upon the care taken in the performance of the work. Running a traverse along a mine gallery is an example of this type of 'open traverse'

Dear Mr. Najar,

Both types of traverse surveys require accurate (or assumed) coordinates for the first and last points surveyed.

The loop traverse used one point for both functions.

An open traverse uses two.

Otherwise they are identical.


Dear J. Anthony Cavell

Thanks for your  comment i was really in need of this ,but having some little more confusion in my mind .As i am new to this job some qustions are still roaming round my head.

Thanks \



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