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    Thank you for taking this into a new area where accuracy and precision meet locality!  Once a construction project is in progress, the benchmak for the project, whether it be inconsistent by a certain amount (this amount I will address later) with the datum it has been established on, shall hold true for the rest of the project, even though the benchmark for the project may have been established on the site - let's say 3 centimeters higher or lower than what it should have been to be on that certain datum.  Consistency in the source of elevation during the construction process is as important as laying the next brick on top of the one before it.  All things are truly relative. 

    -Scott D. Warner, RLS

  • Thank you very much dear ones!! You educate me a lot in this issue. I appreciate each and every one for their valuable comments and advices. i read all of it is the time to act. I will try it out and then put my feedback. Thanx once again!!
    • Land Surveyor

      This is all about learning from each other.  Glad to hear from you again!  Some day you will be the mentor.

      -Scott D. Warner, RLS

  • all great advice
  • Check out Engineering or Surveying for a Bowditch traverse XL spreadsheet, this solves your misclosure errors for a loop traverse or a traverse with fixed start and end points
  • Traverse and Bearing,This is all about Elementary Surveying..As of now this is not useful for open and close traverse.. Because were using now the total station equipment ..Its means were only using the coordinates method to calculate the area and to run a a control points.. However if you have the Engineers Transit or the Theodolite, traverse and bearing are useful.. There is too many available surveying books. you can purchase it for your guidance and reference.
    • Allow me to clarify (and correct?) what Heinjie is saying:

      Older survey equipment -- theodolite and EDM -- measured angles and distances, and required traverse calculations (and adjustment) to be done later.

      Modern survey equipment -- total station -- allows a choice between measuring angles and distances (as above) or collecting coordinates (by having the device itself calculate the traverse). There are definitely two schools of thought:

       1  Always collect the angles and distances, and do your own calculations.

       2  Only collect coordinates.

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    Hello again.  I just wanted to take things one step further.  Being precise in measurement is one thing, but making an accurate boundary determination is another.  One can have the most precise traverse ever performed and lay out a boundary that is precisely in the wrong location.  A sound professional opinion on boundary location is what makes land surveyors quasi-judicial in there determinations.  By that I mean that all the evidence must be weighed and sometimes it may be only a tidbit of evidence that can tip the scales one way or the other when trying to retrace a boundary description.  Following in the footsteps of the surveyors who came before you in establishing the description involves a bit of imagination, it is of the essence.  In this you will be able to sort through all the possibilities and sleep well at night.  If I don't get that "warm fuzzy feeling" about all the evidence as a whole and how I think I should monument a boundary I won't sign the survey without either doing more research or getting the opinions of my peers.  It's a good thing to get involved in professional societies and their local chapters (some even have student chapters or committees).  Learn from each other.  That's what we are all doing here right now, isn't it?
    • Good Words... Woodland!! - George Spencer
  • This reply for Macho is to say that Woodland Consultants, Inc. has written a very good and informative response. The key is angle and distance closure, as they have presented. I can say that if you would like to practice, take a scale and protractor and draw out a makeshift traverse on paper, with whatever distances and angles that you desire, and run a traverse closure using a Traverse Computation Sheet using Double Meridian Distance Closure utilizing Sine and Cosine. My regular e-mail address is [email protected]. If you have any problems, I'll see if I can guide you through. Practice, practice, practice. Best to you!! - George Spencer
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