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The FS sample test questions

I've been working through a few sample examination books for the upcoming FS test. Now I am finding that when I use the sample questions offered in George Cole's Fundamental of Surveying sample examination book (third edition) the problems offered are straight forward, like here is the problem, work it. When I use the Fundamentals of Land Surveying Sample Questions & Solutions offered by the NCEES (1999) the questions are more of the word problem variety, inevitably more difficult and borderline confusing because of the visualization factor or the lack of it. For instance problem #47 gives an easement for a clear fly zone with other variables, geez I can’t for the life of me visualize this in my mind. End of runway coming too, going away, come on, you need a sketch along with the word problem people. Take problem #48, yeah “B” is a good answer, but what do we know about the landscape is it open, perhaps a grid system would be better. Problems #4 and #5 are real winners too. I guess what I am asking here is to anybody who has taken this test and is familiar with these sample examination booklets I have been discussing, which in your opinion is more true to the real test in regard to style of questioning, etcetera.

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  • hands down the ncees example book is the closest to the actual exam.. its tough. the toughest thing i ever had to do in my life.

    also i would have the newest fls example book mailed to you asap! i studied the 1999 versin and it was way off base.

    if you want to pass for sure.. study 3 hrs a night no matter what. read browns 10 times over and over

    1001 survey problems is good too.

    and most of all go to a 3 day exam prep seminar. you do not want to take this exam again. and it is very gratifying to pass it!

    knoow yur calculator! and make sure your programs work

    3 most imp things



    fls example questions. ( i know people who only studied this book)
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