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Hello dear surveyors !

I'm a lidar drawing app programer, I've worked for 3 years on a 3D Drawing software from pointclouds data.

Today I'm working to implements GPS (like SP80) into my software to draw immediately from streets. It would be used to confirm and check all drawed elements from pointclouds data.
So I've discovered how to comunicate with GPS from bluetooth COM port, it allows me to read NMEA lines from GPS and to write NMEA lines into this COM port.
Then I've learn how to get position from $PASHR,POS messages and now I can get my GPS position into 3D software, of course I'm using height correction etc.

But now I would like to know how to enable RTK correction from apn like Teria. I got logins for it. But I didnt find a way to get these corrections.

I've tried : 

'$PASHS,MDM,PAR,PWR,AUT,PTC,1,APN,'+ $apn +',LGN,'+ $lgn +',PWD,'+ $pwd +',NET,1'
'$PASHS,NTR,PAR,ADD,'+ $ip +',PRT,'+ $prt +',LGN,'+ $lgn +',PWD,'+ $pwd
'$PASHS,NTR,MTP,' + $mp
but the GPS still answer me answers without RTK corrections.
Does anyone know how to set SP80 RTK from NMEA/PASH commands ?
Or does anyone have a complete documentation for this ?
Thanks for help, it would be a lot apreciated !

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  • Land Surveyor

    Here is a detailed User Guide for the SP80 which may be of help..

    maybe they fixed it in the SP90... here is that manual too


    we also have a Hub for spectra users... hope this helps..

    SP80 User Guide - English RevA.pdf
    • Not a Surveyor

      I will check the Hub for spectra users

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    • Not a Surveyor

      Thanks for your reply, I have already find these docs and more. The one about "Trimble MB-Two
      OEM GNSS Board" is the best informed about NMEA communications and setup but I still encounter difficulties. Don't you know someone that has already work with RTK setup from NMEA ?

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