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Has anyone recently took both parts of the Surveyor's Exam and if so could anyone give some study tips?

I haven't had many formal courses in Land Surveying and all of my experience as been out in the field so I am not as well verse in all aspects as I should be. Any advice would be helpful.

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  • I will try to help. I successfully passed all of the Wisconsin PLS exams on a single weekend, but it was back in 2000. Anything specific you are worried about?
    • Have you taken the fundamentals of surveying exam for your LSIT?
      • Not yet

    • It sounds like you have some homework to do. Have you found an example exam online? My advice is to hit every textbook you have hard, and know all the powers of your calculator. Without a specific question, I can be of no further service.
    • it not being opened book anymore is bothersome. I have relied on technology my entire career and never took the time to learn all the formulas one might need to know in the test. I tried the PS portion last April and the diagnostics report came back and in the "KNOWLEDGE AREA" the have listed I scored slightly below average on 5 areas.

      Which are:

      • Standards and specifications
      • Legal Principles
      • Professional Survey Practices
      • Business and Professional Practices
      • Types of Surveys

      So what am I worried about I guess it would be everything

    • Party Chief
      Which makes you the perfect remover of worries wizard @sdwpls
  • I plan on taking them in Wisconsin

  • Party Chief

    Are you taking the exam in Wisconsin?  @Scott Warner may have some tips..

  • Which state are you preparing to take exams in?
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