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I know there's great solid discussions out there but I have an Island Question,   An Island property surrounded by roads on each side no adjoining land owners only city streets, The BL shown on the sales survey could eiher be the building extents line where you could build to or Boundary line, It looks like it matches the original 1930's plat survey. 

The Local Zoning dept.  relate all the set backs requirements to the Property line and don't refer to Lot lines,plats etc.  I would consider that the surrounding curb of this island with a fence straddling it for 30% would be the defensible boundary and when the land was purchased the realtor said  "you would own the island to the curb", Therefore the curb would be the property line in my opinion (this is why I'm asking your opinion) . Anyone run into a question on an island property before.  thoughts ? Thanks in advance for spirited discussion and help.  Blue line Fence , Red BL/Plat, Green Curb , No registered easements but potential assumed. 


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    I don't know in what state is the property and if the streets are municipal or of the state department of transportation, but I will advise you check with the Municipal Publics work office or the Department of transportation to check the codes that apply to this situation. They should give you the exacts setbacks either municipal or Department of transportation. With this yous hould have the dimensions of the set backs of the property and compare them with the realtors spec's. In adition check with th Planing Board parameters if it is a residential zone or a turist zone or comertial zone, etc. because in some cases the dimensions it changes.


    Jesus F. Pacheco.   

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