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I got the chance to make excavation quantity using  Aplitop MDT software which is compatible with Auto cad and civil 3D for the same as built data. But both giving different volume 

I like to get expert opinion which is more accurate when taking volume

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  • For me, this is an open ended question as we are dealing with infinite number of variables here. For this reason, I would always prefer to use the industry standard software (Civil 3D in this case) with proven track record.

  • Hi Manoj. I would prefer CIVIL 3D but for accuracy I would suggest that you compare the design volume with the actual excavation volume on site, count the number of trucks or any earth removal machine with known volume and you can actually know the difference - get someone on site to record cartage of materials. I use 12D MODEL for volume calculation but always I compare with the actual excavation volume. I would also compare the Topo-survey plan with the actual ground surface, prior to excavation work.....after extracting the contours .....get to the site with the plan and check if the surveyor has done a good job by picking the actual ground topography pick every change of grade or change of ground levels.

    All the best.

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