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I'm a dedicated member of this great forum, but for sometime now I have been a way for a developmental program.But believe me I'm back with something exciting that need contributions of experience and knowledgeable members so that every members will learn and benefit from contributions.The question that required the contributions of highly experience members is as follow;Which one produces/gives Quality Control and Quality Assurance between spaceborne Imagery (Remote sensing) and airborne Photograph (Photogrammetry/Aerial photograph) for Mapping project irrespective of Cost.Your contributions should be well explanatory based on the following practical experience:(A) Between imagery and photograph which one have you practically adopted for mapping irrespective of the size of the area mapped(B) When Digital Elevation Modeling is also required(C) When parametric data such as buildings, roads networks, water bodies, rocks, etc are also required(D) When specified distance interval were chosen between buildings and between roads are also required(E) When the mapped area were digitally presentedThe purpose is to share your mapping experience in order to identify the best quality and accurate method between aerial photograph and remote sensing imagery for mapping project irrespective of cost

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