The MT1000 is very pricey and I wanted to protect the prism somehow that when the prism rod falls it doesn't break. I heard you could attach a rubber ring around the top part of MT1000 so that it protect it from damaging. Have you had any solutions and what did you use?

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I would imagine that some sort of styrofoam cap or large tupperware plate that fits tightly over the top (but does not obscure the led lights and prisims would offer some degree of protection.  Another at the pole attachment would also add some protection. This would not be stable in moderate ~ high wind conditions. But in calm conditions might prevent killing this fancy prisim set.

For my single prisim I put it in a U type bracket inside a tupperware type container braced in place with three wine corks (synthetic). Its a TOPCON prisim (offset 0) so I mounted it to a plastic pipe fitting (with correct threads) around this fitting I have a wire ring with a dnageling hook and plumb bob.  All of this is then mounted to a cheap but sturdy camer / video camera tripod clamped in place on a long square rod (1x1 pine).  This lets me swing the plumb bop over a hub and turn the prisim to the gun.  I line up on the plumb bob line for azimuth shot only and on the center of the prisim for azimuth and HD.  Please excuse my terminology as I am just an amature enthusiast. (see photos)

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A shock absorbing ring for during travel would distribute the shock of impacting with the ground when dropped. I'm just not sure it would be perfect protection.

Here is a listing for an adapter ring for those fancy robot prisms that have little prisms all around like a zoetrope has pictures. Sadly, there is no picture at this site: and I couldn't find it on Spectra Precision's own catalog.

I tend to put a padded bag over the prisms when travelling, but if a prism drops from vertical to the ground... not sure anything can protect it from that kind of a fall.

My Prism is connected to the Trimble pole and if it gets damaged , it's when I leave the pole leaning on something (like a power pole) and all of sudden it slips and falls, so the impact won't be like free fall. I found rubber wrist rings which match the diameter of prism, but they tend to come off easily.


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