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Sokkia DT6 errorsMy dear surveyors out there, I have a sokkia dt6 theodolite that has been given to me for useĀ by a relative. When i tested the machine it could read horizontal angles well, but it constantly shows me an error message for the vertical angle. the error message reads E107 or E109. what could be the problem and can someone help me out?

thanks in advance

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    Hey buddy, I could find out just what those errors mean but if your setting it up right? it must also be level, and it's allowing you to move the gun side to side with out the error. It is also giving you a reading of horz. right? To get vert. your got to either shot the prism or prismless. Which ever one you'll have to look through the scope and site it and focus to your point. When your right here, what happens? Your pushing the shot button, and is it clicking? If your looking at the prism you need to focus on the center of the glass part.
    Those messages could be a shutter motor, or just the relay that turn the laser reader on and it take a series of shots and averages to the best solution. Then it report and logs that information as part of your final solution for turning that angle. Sometimes it as simple, you'll see that the lens cap is still on. the transformer that provides the power can go out. But some where in that area of trouble shooting is where I believe those numbers will indicate the problem.
    You could take it a step further and call SOKKIA factory repairs, the number is 1.800.255.3919 US main number unless it has changed and i didn't know it and ask for service someone can help you ID those numbers. If you have problems then let me know and I'll try to help you.
    If you do call in, and get to service, it maybe a lady and her name is PAT. If so tell her that i said hello and maybe she'll take care of you really good. She is a really nice person. Hope that helps, let me know
    Skip Farrow
    [email protected]
    PS if we get to a point that your going to have to ship it to the states for repair, also let me know because i have someone there right now and for about a week and a half. I may could get it hand delivered instead of international shipping.
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