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Hi everybody,


My name is Chris P and I live in the beautiful state of Montana. I came here in hope of gaining some knowledge about the basics of surveying.  I work in the warehouse of a surveying supply company here in Montana. I don't want to work in the warehouse for years upon years and could really use some advice on gaining knowledge about surveying. I looked around this site and found some really informative videos, and tutorials. However, they all seemed to be geared towards experienced surveyors. I feel that if I could learn the fundamentals of surveying i.e. terms, the way different instruments work, and just a general framework of surveying, it would really impress my co-workers. Any suggestions of books, videos, websites that could help me gain a grasp of the fundamentals of surveying would be very much appreciated.




Thanks- Chris

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  • Hi Chris... try to look and secure Elementary Surveying or Higher Surveying books... included are fundamentals of surveying. 

    Good luck...

  •  Jill, your link was perfect for a beginner. It is a great excercise to do and learn.

  • Thanks Survey!

    SurveyEarthinaDay said:

    nice resource Paul!  very helpful!

  • nice resource Paul!  very helpful!

  • Hello Chris,


    Do you like to study?


    If so I contribute to a website that helps surveyors pass exams. There are around 300 questions illustrated with computations. You may be able to get computational,law and general knowledge from reviewing these questions.


    Go to:


    Register, usually takes a day, once in go to Exam Study in the Forums section...

    You will find the questions from reputable sources. Good Luck, Keep asking questions!



  • Party Chief

    Welcome Chris!  By joining the group forums which pertain to your interests and the types of equipment you work with, you will learn LOADS of techniques, tricks and fundamentals.  Also you'll find that there are groups for all 50 US states (montana group for example) and for every continent and the majority of countries which we have members in.  You can post your questions as forum discussions inside any of these groups and get targeted advice.  I hope you enjoy the network!  The getting started guide goes into more detail about the various features of the network.

  • Hi Chris - you could start with a level.  Here is a link to a lab in CO, shows you the instrument, notes and calcs, and simple setup:



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