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Hey Gus!

I have faced with a problem at site surveying by Leica TS11, no traverse are created but reading change points with 1-4 mm horizontal accuracy the area are about 20Hrs,

the problem is when i come back surveying the site to the start location the objects and change points reading again show about 20-70 cm relocation!!!  I do not know how it happened and the surcease as well how to solve it now???

any solution way will be appreciated and welcomed. 


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  • -The first possibility is that a point was disturbed.

    -Secondly, check your data to be sure scale factors, projections, and datums are EXACTLY the same.

    - Check the specs on your prisms and which ones were placed where.

    - Of course, consider operator error, poor instrument or reflector setup.

    The solution is not obvious given the limited data. 
    The old carpenter's saying, "measure twice; cut once" can be very important in surveying as well. Make sure two sets of observations agree before acting on them. If they don't agree, take another set of observations.

    Good luck,


    • Thanks  J. Anthony Cavell 

      as you said  measurements, so we have measured twice the control points but in both we faced mass mach location of objects were in the first location that were surveyed first. 

      • Mr. Salem,

        I'm sorry; I don't understand your meaning. Please explain to me again.


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