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For all and land surveys company owners!

I will tell a short story about recent trip to China.

We were very surpised about local people hospitality and their working methods.

When we flew they met us and got by their cars to the central office.

There we spend 2 days , we spoke in different themes from professional about job ,till family secrets=)))))

I want to say that first mind was wery GOOD.We were shocked.We did not expect that, because in our contry you would never see this((((

They are a very good experts in their profession.And just very good people.

Than we went to building site to see how they worked.To say shortly.The mechanism of working process was the same, but there were a lot of things to teach something new for ourselfs.We spend there 3 days more. Every day from 9 am till 6 pm we were working together and the main thing was not simply do the work ,we must did this by 2 ways .

1st way was them usual methods 

2nd way was ours

It was nice to have new friends somewhere abroad.

Now our company wants to visit all countries which is possible to us.

We really want to hear your minds.

If you want to make an offer about the trip like this one we have had. You can email us

or WhatsApp +79851234272

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