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With its advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, UAV tilt photography technology is slowly subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode. It has become the “new darling” of the surveying and mapping industry. Applying tilt photography technology to drones is actually doing A three-dimensional model, and the model built is more realistic, more intuitive, and more realistic.


Stack measurement


At present, the measurement of the pile body mainly relies on the total station instrument, the disk coal meter, the GPS and other measuring instruments to measure the pile body. Compared with the measurement of the tape measure which is completely dependent on the manual use earlier, these measurement methods have made great progress. However, today there are more efficient and accurate measurement methods: using drone mapping and modeling.


The drone can preset the route, collect data in the automatic work area above the work area, and after importing the data, it can be imported into the system, generate the point cloud and 3D model data with one click, and measure the spatial distance and volume according to this, or carry out the slope The analog measurement of irregular stack area provides accurate numerical reference for engineering construction planning and production operations.


Tunnel, pipeline inspection


The traditional subway, railway and automobile tunnel inspection requires the inspectors to go inside the tunnel and use manual inspection to confirm whether there are any abnormalities such as cracks or water leakage, and to ensure that there is no problem with the tunnel structure.


UAVs equipped with high-definition cameras and laser radar and other detection equipment can collect high-precision image data in the tunnel and generate 3D models for viewing at any time. This not only provides higher inspection accuracy, but also allows engineers to have More time is focused on analyzing the data collected and quickly suggesting the countermeasures that need to be taken.


Highway inspection


For the maintenance and reconstruction of large-scale transportation infrastructure such as highways, the first step is to obtain clear image data of all road conditions.

The UAV mapping system can integrate the UAVs for surveying and mapping, 3D modeling software, etc., together with powerful workstations, while accurately performing surveying and mapping work, it can also accurately evaluate the engineering quantity of road reconstruction through application software, and simulate The effect of the scene after the project transformation and the possible surrounding environmental impact provide strong support for the road reconstruction and road planning work of the highway department.

Bridge inspection


Manual inspection operations are not only inefficient, difficult, and have high risk factors, but the detection accuracy is far from enough, and the application of drone technology will solve this problem to a large extent.

The drone can complete the photographing and forensics of the structural planes such as the bottom surface of the bridge, the cylinder surface and the beam through control devices such as cameras and laser radars. At the same time, it can also carry out three-dimensional modeling of the whole bridge, and measure the external structure of the bridge through the model for professional The personnel analyze the state of the bridge and discover the danger in time, which can greatly reduce the work intensity of the bridge maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of bridge inspection and maintenance.

Cultural relic protection


Cultural relics are relics and relics left by human beings in the course of historical development. It is a precious historical and cultural heritage of mankind. In the field of cultural relics protection, 3D scanning technology is more efficient and accurate than traditional manual measurement, and the non-contact specificity will not cause damage to cultural relics.

For large ancient villages, we can use the drone system to quickly complete a wide range of data collection; the drone can be equipped with laser radar to collect image data of the monuments, obtain the point cloud of the cultural relics for accurate reconstruction, and establish a physical three-dimensional or The model database stores important resources such as various types of data and spatial relationships of cultural relics, realizes scientific, high-precision and permanent preservation of endangered cultural relics, and then establishes a VR digital museum that can be browsed online;

Archaeological restoration

UAV 3D modeling technology can also be used for archaeological and cultural relics restoration. 3D scanning technology uses surface data acquisition to replace traditional point data acquisition. High-speed laser measurement method can quickly, accurately and comprehensively acquire 3D information of objects. Really record the real three-dimensional information of cultural relics, establish a three-dimensional model, and transform from traditional manual measurement to high-precision measurement of point cloud data by indoor computer. It has non-contact property and avoids damage to cultural relics.

Land confirmation


The traditional land determination measurement work is generally carried out by measuring the topographic map by ground engineering measurement or by aerial surveying the topographic map of a traditional manned aircraft. Compared with the traditional method, the use of drones for aerial photogrammetry has obvious advantages, low cost, easy implementation, high degree of automation, high efficiency and high precision. Therefore, in the rural collective land registration and certification work, it is a feasible way to obtain the basic topographic map data through UAV aerial photography modeling.


Real estate registration


As an auxiliary means, UAVs help real estate registrants to greatly improve efficiency and save money in field investigations and audits. The application of aerial surveying and mapping technology of drones can make registration of property registration surveys more precise and avoid registration errors and risks to the greatest extent. On the other hand, the data established by the combined aerial survey of drones can be directly used for unified registration of real estate, which can save A large amount of expensive and time-consuming data production and finishing costs. The aerial survey data can be fully integrated with the existing real estate registration data to realize the digitization, accuracy and real-time of the entire real estate registration and management.


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