Recently our TSC2 data collector has failed to take a full charge. We shut down controller mode & even do the shutdown that appears after 3 seconds into rebooting (holding down power button for 5 seconds), & even removed the battery for charging (suspecting some program may still be running), & tried 3 different chargers & swapped batteries with 2 other identical collectors but  cant get a consistent full charge.Has anyone else had (and hopefully solved) this problem?

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How old is the battery? Sounds like it is just getting worn out. Avg. recharges is around 700 before they start degrading.

They do become completely inert. We have two dead. I have looked fairly extensively for replacements and have not found anything. Please let us know if you find anything. Otherwise it's recycle and purchase a new data collector.

Arthur over at recells ours and he does a good job. 

We send in a couple at a time to get them rebuilt.

Try taking it to an Interstate Battery store.  They can check it and possibly re-build it.  If they can't, look up Coastal Instrument & Supply in Florida - 800-562-8626.  They specialize in rebuilding survey instrument battery packs and they do fast turn-around.  I've used them a few times.  Good Luck

I'd re-cell the battery. Battery Source was able to do this for me when I lived in Georgia.

Hi mate. Trimble is phasing out TCS2 with TCS3. Had the same problem as well, tried a new battery but still could not go on. Then I started having software problems and what not. Get a TCS3 instead and you will be home and dry.

The TSC2 I don't believe is supported anymore through Trimble, so you may have a hard time replacing the battery.   May have to upgrade to a TSC3 or they now have a TSC7, just came out.  Batteries are batteries.  You have to replace those quite often.  Some even new ones are better than others.  Just replace the battery if you can find one.  Contact Vectors, Inc. in Denver


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