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Having problems with the Windows Mobile Device Center connecting with my TSC2 with access. I have another TSC2 with survey controller 12.50 and it hooks up right away....I've tried different usb ports and reloading the WMDC.....anyone have a clue.....?

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  • I ran into this same problem with a Carlson Surveyor + DC.  The handshake between WMDC and the DC was lost when I added a different DC to WMDC.  I had to terminate the old DC through the Windows Device Manager. Look under the usb ports for the yellow triangle and uninstall that device .  I then started a new relationship.  You have to keep track of which usb port you use for each devise or you have to uninstall and start all over again. WMDC keeps track of the port addresses for each device.

    • Scott, that sounds reasonable, but what if you have several crews and several data collectors, how would you download all of them? I couldn't see any yellow triangle under the USB ports....

  • You have to use widows mobile nowadays. Also make sure that the controller is on before you plug it in. If you still have connection issues, you can always use your trusty backup...a thumb drive!
    • Yes ! A memory stick works & download free version of windows mobile
      • PC connections are supposed to be what?  I have windows mobile and of course the controller turns on automatically when i plug the cable into it.....believe me I have tried everything but I thinks it is something small and stupid on my part....thanks...

  • Did you check the PC connections on the controller? There are several settings that could be different.
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