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Fellow Surveyors,

Does anyone have a Terramodel Dongle that they're not using? The one I had broke and I don't want to pay an Australian company $500 for another one.

Let me know what you have and we can talk.



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  • Keith:

    I have two hardware locks for Terramodel version 8.41 (circa 1997 or 1998) that I have not used in 20 years now.  Don't know if they will work on your system, but willing to let them go for a song.

    Email me at

    Harry F. Girdler, PE, PLS

    • Thanks Harry. I think the Locks were upgraded since that time.


  • J Keith, I don't have a dongle but I have a SP Key you can use to unlock TM.  What modules are you needing?

    • Jay, that would be awesome. How could I get it from you?


  • Hey Keith,

    Terramodel is Trimble software. I’d expect they’d swap your faulty dongle for a new one for a very nominal fee … certainly not $500.


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