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Level Computation (Rise and Fall / Height of Collimation)

Come very hand in the reduction of field level data for both rise and fall / height of collimation methods

Code = 53835

Download Leve Computation Program in Excel (Rise/fall and Height of Collimation)

Traverse Forward Computation Program 

For forward computation of observed angles and computation of corrected coordinates of Points

Code = 87283

Download Traverse Forward computation Program in Excel  

Tacheometry Computation

For reduction of tachy field observations and calculation of spot heights (E,N,H)

Code = 82249

Download Tacheometry Program in Excel

To generate Theodolite Observation on both faces (L1,L2,R2,R1) from mean external Angles angles.

Code = 6273

Download Excel Program to Generate Theodolite observations from Mean Angle

Slope Correction and Vertical Angle Reduction

Come very handy for Slope Correction and Vertical Angle Reduction based on theodolite observations 

Code = 75673
Download Slope Correction And Vertical Angle reduction

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