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Smoking Cigarettes Will Kill You

Its very rare that I post something on Land Surveyors United which does not directly relate to land surveying, but I imagine there are several hundred surveyors on the network who smoke cigarettes so I'm going to put this out there.  One week ago today, I stopped smoking...forever.  And if you'll take a second and read how, you may be able to as well.  


The story you are about to read is both true and well worth my time writing so that you might consider the same, so hopefully well worth yours.


The Short Story

Last weekend, I visited the local flea market and met Heather and Ernie, a married couple who once worked in the construction industry who had recently made the quest to help others stop smoking their full-time job.  They are saving lives with their company Empire ECigs which sells electronic cigarettes and have effectively changed my life for the better.  

Ok, perhaps some of  you have heard of or even tried ecigs, but think the idea is odd to imagine taking the place of something as wonderful as a cigarette.  In the woods, on the street, after dinner and if you're like me  (or used to be) everytime you're on the phone- you have to have a cig.  Those of you who know me best know that I do not endorse just any ole thing.  And having tried an electronic cigarette before, but not for long. For one, the supply ran out so fast, it became inconvenient. I have found  Empire ecigs to be different simply because they give you the amount you need to quit cold turkey.  I can say that with 100% certainty that it was the Empire ecig that made me forget the need for another pack of cigs.   

Land Surveyors United Members Receive a Special Discount!!!

If you want to seriously consider the possibility of quitting, you may try the exact package i used to quite smoking.  It consists of a bundled kit including 3 batteries and enough cartridges to last over a week and a half. I smoked a pack and a half a day.  I also come from a long line of smokers.  In fact my grandfather smoked close to 5 packs a day, believe it or not.


I asked Ernie and Heather if they might be willing to extend some sort of discount to all of my surveying friends on Land Surveyors United and they have been gracious enough to take $50 off of the $149 bundle which includes Double battery starter kit, usb charger, car charger, wall charger, extra battery and 3 refill cartridges. This is a great kit to begin with and a  bundled purchase which WILL help you quit smoking if you give it a try.  Each filter cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.  You can charge your batteries either in the work truck or wall charger at home.  ALSO, you get a lifetime gaurentee on the batteries so if one should ever fail, Empire Ecigs will send you a replacement at no cost to you, no questions asked.  For a hundred bucks, you can't go wrong.


I encourage all of you who wish to kick the habit to give this a try.  I do not receive any incentive for telling you so.  I merely hope to help extend all of your lives so that we may all have the time to contribute to the history of land surveying here on Land Surveyors United.


If you'd like to give this a try, contact Heather and Ernie and tell them that you are a Land Surveyors United member and receive your megapack for $150  $100.  You'll be glad you did.

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  • Land Surveyor

    Still not smoking after 7 months. Have no desire to smoke a cigarette. 

    • I'm on Day #10.

      • GEO Ambassador

        congratulations Mike....  keep it up!  I still haven't smoked a cig since I wrote this.. you can do it!

  • I quit March of 2006 after smoking for 10 years. Cold Turkey. Mainly due to the fact the reward from smoking didn't outweigh the cost or the health risks.

    But I applaud anyone who is going at it or planning to. 

  • Land Surveyor

    I quit smoking in December of 2012 after about 9 years of smoking. 

  • GEO Ambassador

    i year and 9 months without a cigarette!

  • GEO Ambassador

    i quit smoking too with Empire of Ecigs

  • Land Surveyor

    SO... The question is... has this worked for anyone else? Land Surveyors Unite! and lets see some testimonies guys!

  • Land Surveyor

    Congrats to you Justin, this is a very hard habit to break.  Non-smokers just dont get how addictive this is.  I've been smoke free since 8/24, as a 1st birthday present to my twin girls.


    I used the nicotinelozenge to get me through.  A friend let me try  the e-cig.  My problem with it is that it still enables the oral fixation - hand-to-mouth habit.  It would not work for me.  I had to drop it completely, and establish a good support system.  I have to be held accountable if I do smoke.  MY little ones do that for me everyday.

    No matter what method you choose to quit, just quit.  Being addicted to nicotine gum, etc is much better than addiction to dip or smoke.  The nicotine wont kill you, its the other stuff in the tobacco.  The nicotine just makes you crave more nicotine.


    Just remember why you quit, and make yourself accuntable for it.

  • Most everyone in my family has lived over 90 and several over 100 except for one, my mom, who smoked since High School. She only lived till 66 and the effects of that drug was so obvious in the destruction of her life. I have seen the destruction to the mind and body of those who are so addicted to it, they do not care about themselves or others around them, especially in the surveying industry where it was rare that the "survey helper" was smoke free.

    Many years ago I witnessed the personality change of survey helpers who showed up at work with a calm and good personality, then after their trip to the convenience store for coffee and their first cigarette, they become different people. Their nicotine narcosis effected their work and ability to concentrate obvious only to those who did not smoke and had to put up with their foul habit.

    It is a horrible drug and addiction. Promote fresh air!!!

    For all those who have kicked the habit, congratulations and please continue to promote fresh air inhalation instead of smoke.
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