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I'm beginning to shop GPS units. I've been using Trimble, but have found them to just be too expensive. While I like the equipment, there comes a point at which I have to ask myself if I have been using an Infinity when I could've been using a Nissan (same car, just different name.....But infinity costs 50-70% more).I've begun looking at the Spectras, Sokkia GSX2, and even a Carlson model due to the fact that I run a Carlson Surveyor data collector and like it.I'd to hear from those who have experience with these units. I'm not interested in hearing from any sales people. You tend to only care about the products you sell. I want to hear from people who have actually had hands on experience. I do a lot of work in East Texas and west Louisiana so piney woods experience with any of these units is even better.

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    Satlab gps receivers also works with Carlson. Sokki has their own software magnet field.

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    Just understand that if you're investing in GPS to be a Sayville then you're probably purchasing GPS for all the wrong reasons but if you're purchasing GPS to be an add-on to an existing inventory of survey tools then I would suggest investing in your workflow first so that you can utilize GPS later and be able to compare or see your return on your initial investment.

    The investment starts with the user after you stablished what you have for a base of knowledge then you build from that if the user is not able to understand the differences of grid and ground then you're probably throwing money out the door because either they're going to be totally dependent on it or not use it at all... does that make sense?
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    I have been satisfied for several years using topcon GR5.
    • Land Surveyor

      Hi Friends,

      Please beware clicking the link http://carlson.smiley.ph

      in the thread. I got warnings from Microsoft being risk of stealing personal information and my computer got stuck when I tried to open it.

  • Land Surveyor

    I am shopping too and have come across the Geomax Zenith35  as a good option.

    There is one individual in this group who has one and has responded positively.

    I like the price but want to speak with a rep to learn more about it.

  • Land Surveyor

    Hi I use the topcon hiper Sr with a carlson surveyor2  with this I use the CORS network to get my corrections over a cell network. My total cost was for both was $12k I use this for my control then switch to my total station. Had some problems with trees and buildings. just work around them with TS.

    The carlson makes this all work seamlessly together.

  • Land Surveyor

    Please let's keep this thread going, am just another guy out here that needs to make a decision on this.

  • I am starting out on my own and shopped around. I looked at a used Trimble R6. I have always used Trimble in the past but I agree they are pricey. I test drove a Champion TKO. It is supposed to have a Trimble board in the receiver. I'm not too sure what all that entails, but the datasheet compares well with the old R8 I used to run. The Carlson SurvCE is very easy to run. I received my new TKO and HC1 last week and will take it out for the first time tomorrow. I'll post later and let you know how it ran.
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    I will check it out
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    I use an epoch 50 with a spectra precision ranger 3

    i have used some topcon hyper units and also an older trimble

    i have found that the epoch 50 network rover gets better satellite lock than the other ones iv'e used in my limited experience. it definitely is the most expensive piece of equipment i own but has by far been the best investment of my life.

    just my two cents.

    also if youre going network rover go ahead and make the investment of a mobile hotspot. well worth it.

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