Exact version not sure. Translate..When is this necessary and why? Rotate..Translate needed or not is there a step by step of what points you rotate around? Be it from a record reference given to you by your office in your recon, a job you create yourself in the field with gps points set yourself?  You need to traverse and adjust having no existing control? Falls in create your self I guess. Could do this all day long with my caveman cogo/drawing software at home. With this software in the field I'm lost. Hope makes sense.

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Hi Joseph, I posted a discussion,  On this topic in your group, Older Recon/TDS 5 how to use. I included PDF files instruction for the Recon Survey Pro models, Plus wrote you a complete instruction on how and why you do this,in this discussion , Translate,Rotate and Scale Recon TDS, Have you read it or looked at the PDF files.   In it i tell you how to do this on any Data collector that has this capabilities. they all work on this same principals and theory  of rotation and translation of x,y,z coordinates. Using point numbers in the programs makes it much easier than was done in the past.


Hi Joseph, I forgot to give you this link  @ LSU were you would not have to look for it. Here on this link is my discussion for you, explaining why and how you do this, Ted brought up a good point, about Elevations, they can be moved with your translation as xyz or just the elevations, say you did not have ,could not find the BM it was gone maybe destroyed, and you just drove a hundred miles. You can do your work with assume elevations.Then arrange for another BM to be located, after you tie this job, with new Elev. Then all you have to do is move you assume Elev. to the Real World Elev. MSL.Of course this can also be done in the computer file. but this is made for you to use in the field, if you need it before this can be done there. This is one of the things it is good for, the others i explain in my discussion. So Read it. I gave you a list of method with their equations ,on how this math works, It is very old math.by mathematicians.  These are sound proven methods with there equations. good Reading


Billy am sorry haven't replied. My old bones worn out end of the day. Thanks much for your help means a lot to me. Not sure how but hope I can help to. Didn't know was a site like this its great!!!! 

 Hi Joseph, Thank you ,  I just returning what i had done for me in my life. there will come a time when you will reach out, surveyors do this.

I hear you Billy I understand. I hope I can give back what you gave me. Your right. Surveyors do this. Its my honor to meet ya. I know old school transit, 200 ft steel tape chaining pins. First cogo/drafting software.Distance meters looked like a small truck. Not so easy to adjust to new stuff. Thank you!!!

Joseph, You fit right in with me,in a middle of a swamp, snakes hanging on the limbs like sausage on a smoke house wall. Have to climb a tree just to eat lunch.

Billy do you have a job in mind like that?  I'm ready to go, give me a location more than happy meet ya there. I know what ya say seen it many times. Its hard to explain. Snakes hanging from trees, sometimes ya cut what trees are around make a bridge can walk on until its to deep. Could go on and on. Best days of my life. Its sad they are gone. I guess we have our memories those days. Have to add new guys they don't know what we have done or the reason. They want to carry on a land surveyor understand why your pressing a button. Its not like us anymore we know why. Younger guys first need to understand basic 101 of what we do. Without that a button means nothing.

Just noticed I went off subject "ramble". Not sure why please forgive. Maybe need a swamp.

Also FYI, it's handy if you do a traverse or topo & then shoot the BM then you can "boot" all the points at one time (translation of z values only).
That's funny. I'm the opposite. I prefer to have my boundary and elevation resolved before i start topo.

Hi Joseph, Be sure to watch the Video's on translation, I will try to find some on rotation also.

You can also change the level of math on the Virtual nerd pages.

And be sure to read my discussion on the Recon. Translate,Rotate and Scale .

Have a good day.


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