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ProMark3 RTK (PM3R)

I want to pick up some cheap but good quality smaller SD cards that will serve as backup cards for my PM3R - One of the cards is acting strange as if it is locked sometimes when it is not locked.  All that WalMart has is the 2GB+ sizes now and not sure they will work in my Units. Anyone know for sure or know who might have some 256-512MB sixed standard SD strorage cards?

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  • Digital Camera and SD card evolution - where are the lumens and the small sizes gone sending to twitter and facebook - experimental - timing is almost everything
  • Amazing that when they come up with a larger size capacity of a product like SD cards or Camera Pixels, etc., that the smaller and sometimes better quality products get replaced and become unavailable. I noticed that in cameras a long time ago - a camera that I had previously and wore it out had less pixel capability but better lumen capability such that I could hold it down in a manhole and "see" things that the newer camera could not due to the new ones not having the ability to collect more light in low light (lumen) conditions. The old tech had much more ability to do what I needed.
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