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Can you tell me why i can't edit observed data in Trimble Business Center?

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You can change target heights, point names, prism constants, etc,  but I don't believe you can alter raw measurement data.  Why would you want to?  What are you trying to accomplish?

I want it, because this is converted  topcon raw file and when i import the file, it get wrong directions and lengths... 

Dear Mr. Georgiev,

The answer is actually quite obvious when one understands what is involved.

Data the operator inputs is editible because it is the operator who may have made an error.

Data collected by the instrument is not editible because the operator is NOT the instrument.

The instrument observed what it did. It is not prejudiced and (if well calibrated) not error prone.

If the wrong HI was entered that can be edited.

If you want the distance to be different than observed by the device - sorry, Charlie.

I hope that helps explain it.



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