Anyone has a solution to this problem?? The buttons on the total station arent responding and the screen is stuck. And everything was fine few hours before. 

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Are you using an internal battery or the big red external "Brick" battery ?

internal one. i`ve tried several different ones and nothing.

I have a 1205 and have never encountered that problem.  Update firmware and software.  See if that fixes it.  If not, a trip to the service technician is in order.  Good luck!

I have a Gurley transit available, if that helps! No power, no software... ahh, the good old days.  ;)

Ray Smith

Surveysmith Land Surveying

Did it get wet? Did you try a different battery? 

it didn't get wet. yes i tried many different battery's,and nothing again. i tried connecting to pc but it was unable to connect.

i returned it to the seller. thank's to all of you for your help.


reboot the totalstation by using USB connection to computer and update software



maybe this will help?

Info TPS1200/TS30/TM30: Format NVRAM (HGA-3766 / 01.10.10)Info TPS1200/TS30/TM30: Format NVRAM (HGA-3766 / 01.10.10)==============================

Required Tools:---------------
- Fully loaded battery (GEB211)- CF-Card reader

Update Procedure:-----------------
- Copy the FormatNVRAM to the root directory of the CF-Card- Insert the CF-Card into the TPS instrument- switch-on the TPS instrument
- After a successful format of the NVRAM the FormatNVRAM file will be automatically deleted by the system.


Hope it is on a Service Contract. and insured the TCR 1200 series instruments are more than 10 Years old and the repair parts for them are no longer available. Have one that the EDM board went out and it is a $20000 boat anchor.

it was a private seller,but an honest one. I returned it to him. 

well i think your calibration date was expired i faced this problem many times.

you should go for colibration i know my friend


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