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I have a (hopefully) quick question for anyone out there with experience in Least Squares adjustments in Autocad LDD.The company I work for uses LDD 2002, and historically we have only adjusted our control using the compass rule adjustment. I am currently working on a 2.5 mile long road project, and I need to tighten my control using least squares. I have a bunch of manual notes of triangulations along the roadway, but I do not have any experience on how to add these to my existing control in Autocad. Does anyone have a quick and easy way of doing this? I have heard that if we collected this data in a data collector, it would be easier to insert into the drawing, but our company policy is to manually record distances and angles and then develop a control drawing from the field notes.Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!

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  • I don't understand why you need to manually record raw observation data. You can simply reformat your data downloaded from data collectors to conform to Autodesk FBK format. There are freewares that can help you reformatting your raw data into an FBK format.

    Once FBK is imported to Land Desktop via Survey module, you can readily perform data reduction work be it Compass, Transit, or Method of Least Squares.

    The key here is a thorough understanding of FBK syntax.


  • You definitely need to understand the syntax of FBK in order to use it effectively. Autodesk Survey as an add-on utility for LDD and as an onboard component in Civil 3D is very powerful.Try to find your way of learning this awesome technology.
  • dear bill!

    i understood ur problem,ok well if u provide total station(data collector)its easy for u,since u mentioned ur company polacy,
    first u have to define ur triangulation that means u have to enter ur feild data in to auto cad ldd.well first u draw all the base lines then plot the features y intersection method or offset method it depends how u done the survey.
  • The only program that does LSA nice and smoothly I know is STAR*NET v 6.0. Every time I tried to use adjustment tools in AutoCad or Microsurvey they seemed to be not transparent enough or not flexible enough.

    Not trying to advertise anything, but try Star*Net if you have a chance; it is relatively inexpensive and you can mix ALL kinds of observations (3D conventional and GPS).
  • Bill,

    If you look at the format that your data collector uses to record it's data (or the final output/fieldbook format you would be using in LDD) and use that format to manually create an input file, may be a solution for you.

    The codes for a fieldbook file are fairly simple and you just leave, generally, spaces between your manually entered data. This should give you the best of both worlds - manual input, which is your company policy, and having a file to input your data into your survey project. However, there may be a lot of data for you to input!

    I have never found the Autodesk/AutoCAD Least Squares Adjustment to be very easy and flexible to use, so you may want to look at other programs, and then after adjustment input your final adjusted coordinates.

    Good luck!
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