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Navigating Kyoto Hiroshi Shinohara | GNSS education: Issues and challenges Bernd Eissfeller, Chris Rizos, Fabio Dovis, Nobuaki Kubo, Reha Metin Alkan and Anindya Bose | A Case study on PPP kinematic and RTK positioning methods in Urban Environment Raghupati Shukla | International lessons for land administration in Nepal? Donald Grant, David Mitchell | Adaptively Steered Antenna Array and Receiver Testing Thorsten Lück, Günter Heinrichs | Download your copy of February 2016 issue!



GNSS education: Issues and Challenges
Bernd Eissfeller, Chris Rizos, Fabio Dovis, Nobuaki Kubo, Reha Metin Alkan and Anindya Bose

Helvetica, sans-serif"">Experts share views on issues and challenges of GNSS education... [more]


 Navigating Kyoto
Hiroshi Shinohara
Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Service Co., Ltd. has proposed a system to provide torist information in a timely manner for international touris.ts, and has demonstrated its potential. This system is a combination of a QZSS which is expected to start in the 2018 fiscal year, using GIS technology and conventional IoT technology ...

 A Case study on PPP kinematic and RTK positioning methods in Urban Environment
Raghupati Shukla
A case study has been executed for obtaining the PPP Kinematic and RTK positioning results. The case study presented shows that combination of good software and hardware can achieve 70% availability to target applications such as Ambulance tracking, Fire Brigade, Machine Automation with Metre to Cm level accuracy and using PPP-kinematic and RTK methods...

 International lessons for land administration in Nepal?
Donald Grant and David Mitchell
This paper involves a review of disaster recovery and land administration following earthquakes in Haiti and New Zealand in order to identify lessons for Nepal...

 Industry news GNSS update Other News

SP60 – Most versatile GNSS solution

GNSS RTK – V100 GNSS RTK by Hi-Target

‘S-3180V – Top Performance 3D Laser Measurement System’

Multi-Frequency GNSS simulator for R&D and academia

‘An incredible leap forward for surveyors’

Eos Positioning Systems Announces RTK NTRIP App for Android

Trimble bags $5.8 mn US Marine Corps contract

Phase One iXU 1000 and iXU-R 1000

Kazakh Mines sign deals with Hexagon Mining


They all break your necks, TRIUMPH-LS does not!

India launches 5th navigation satellite

Directorate releases GPS III Phase 1 Vendor Feasibility RFP

Oldest GPS navigation satellite to be retired with next launch

Lockheed passes in GPS III thermal vacuum test

Govt seeks help from small companies to counter GPS jamming

Russia postpones launch of Glonass-M satellite

European Space Agency dumps Russian Soyuz launchers


Redefining productivity - New RIEGL VZ-400i

Saudi Arabia to launch remote sensing satellite from China

IBM and NRSC signed MoU

Aerial Photomap Production with Microsoft UltraMap by Bluesky

Helvetica, sans-serif"">‘Cutting-Edge technology at affordable price’

Govt of India to put in place system for regulating UAVs

New technique to help drones manoeuvre safely in mountains

SOI to train officers to strengthen Geoinformatics

Tap Into-High Accuracy GPS Data Colection


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