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Index for HP35s???

Hello Surveyors, how are you all doing today?I want to create an index program for my HP35s. What I want to do here is create a XEQ ? that will open a page where I can retrieve and edit information regarding the variables and what they stand for in my many different stored equations. For example in my equation/solve library I have a formula for correction for temperature called "Tape Temp" C=6.5x10^-6(M-K)xDI want to be able to get to my index page and see:"Tape Temp": C=correction, M=temp of tape during measurement, K=temp of tape during calibration, D=distance measured.What I need is a page devoted to the meanings of these variables for each equation I have written.

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  • thanks for all the useful links. Since I am a newbie, I am glad about all kinds of information I can get. I still have some problems with writing equations and solving them but I think you have to get used to it. It's a long way to become a real expert in this field ...
  • Gary,

    you can do this by using an unknown variable such as a. go into program mode and hit lbl a. then on the next line eqn a = eqn t eqn a eqn p eqn e eqn t eqn e eqn m eqn p it will spell out tape temp

    the next line will be your next program b= blah blah.. i call it a table of contents

    also in the eqn library below your last equation you can type


    39.37 in = 1 meter
    3.28083333= 1 meter
    .08333333= inch etc

    you can type and type and type for what i call a cheat sheet

    as far as i can tell the programs for the hp 33s and the hp 35s are identicle..

    i spent a lot of time developig my own programs and programming calculators for exam takers

    my hp 33 acts almost identicle to the hp 41 with survey pac with prompts etc
    • Thanks Ty for your reply. You got me thinking and I have come up with a crude program that serves as a cheat sheet. For starters using LBL Z, when I XEQ Z for instance I am prompted with "VERT STDS" and by hitting R/S "HORZ STDS". If I want what appears at the prompt I hit "1 R/S" and "1ST ORD 1/100000” appears in the calculator window hit R/S again and “2ND ORD,CL2 1/50000” and so on. I think I will be able to create some handy note keeping this way.
  • Vendor
    Perhaps this Wiki for HP35s can help..also here is a help document and another. Hope this helps...good luck!
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