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I'm looking to buy new or used 200mm spheres for laser scanning, terrestrial LiDAR. Where can I find accurate spheres for a reasonable price, new or used?

I am located in California, USA

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  • Land Surveyor

    Ping pong balls work and are close to your size request.

    Painted ball bearings may be purchased by diameter, but the polished surface needs to be made matte.


  • Not a Surveyor

    Paul - I've recently invented a new 205mm laser scanning target.. ther are semi hemispherical (1/2 globe) aluminum cake pans (yes I said cake pans) which I paint flat white and coat with highway reflective crushed glass beads.. been testing them for around a year

    depending on your scan density your software can automatically detect  the hemispheres as full globes.. diy cost is around $25 each and the nicest thing is that they stack ..also I can put 6 targets in the space that one 10" sphere takes10496161278?profile=RESIZE_930x.. 


    How accurate do you need to be??



  • Vendor

    Hello Paul,

    I can have you some leica scanners. leica is the best in the market for now.

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