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The Comprehensive Cadastre
Jürg Kaufmann

The Comprehensive Cadastre is the tool containing the wisdom of the ages to master the challenges of the modern world. Based on the cadastral principles valid for thousands of years it helps to master the challenges of the modern world... [more]


 Contribution of GLONASS in Multi-GNSS Solution Accuracy
Shreya Sarkar, and Anindya Bose
This paper presents the advantages of using GLONASS with GPS and calls for better GPS-GLONASS interoperability for robust Multi-GNSS...

 Development and application of indoor/outdoor integrated location-based service
Ma Yang, Zhao Fangfang and Pang Zhe
By establishing complex indoor-and-outdoor integrative map models based on semantics and topology, standards and forms of data and production standard specifications of indoor-and-outdoor integrative maps have been worked out ..

 Open source geo-information technology for making special purpose web mapping application
Rouhollah Nasirzadeh Dizaji And Rahmi Nurhan Çelìk
It is possible to implement web mapping systems based solely on open-source software that are not only significantly more cost-effective but also feature higher graphical quality, interactivity and flexibility...

 SDI: Lessons from Nasarawa state experience
Ibrahim Usman Jibril
Nasarawa State Government, Nigeria embarked on a large-scale land-based investment of USD16,876,561.00 (2.7 billion Nigerian Naira), using modern geospatial technologies to develop a modern geospatial data infrastructure for the state ...

 Industry news GNSS update Other News

Versatility in the field. Flexibility for your Workflow.

Lynx SG-S mobile surveying solution by Teledyne Optech

Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System

Delivering RTK and orientation in Real Time – BD935-INS

Now even better and 3x faster! – RIEGL VZ-400

Septentrio announces the AsteRx-U

Hemisphere GNSS Introduces Atlas, AtlasLink

Join HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong!

New Leica Viva GS14 GNSS Boosts Field Connectivity

Ask for your FREE trial of EZSURV, today!

PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Developer Edition


‘Complete the Job with One Complete Tool’

Scientists win Usd6.4 million to crak the code of smell navigation

The system “ERA-GLONASS” is in the standard equipment of LADA Vesta

Mini RTK Receiver for UAS and Mobile Platform

Brazil and Russia Boost Space Cooperation with New Glonass Station

Joint Satellite Navigation System Receiver by Russia & China

Applanix introduces two new direct georeferencing solutions

New Galileo satellites being moved into position

Spectra Precision Introduces New and Enhanced Survey Solutions


3D Laser measurement system by PENTAX


China launches Gaofen-9 remot sensing satellite

Handheld and SOTI alliance

Intergraph Acquires IPR to NZ Police OnDuty Mobile App

Indoor Mapping Project Attracts Funding from Google

Helvetica, sans-serif"">New Tsunami Scenarios for Indonesian Early Warning System

Esri Partners with U.S. Census Bureu

StreetMapperIV from 3D Laser Mapping

senseFlys global service network


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