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Well, due to this EEK-oh-no-money, I find myself unemployed in an area where I'd normally be busier than a surveyor stationed over a badger hole. (Never mind, joke to self from my internship days...)

I have an Associates of Applied Sciences in Surveying and Civil Drafting from Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska, circa 1991. I also have some some more ancient education in geology and art education, but that didn't amount to much...

During my internship at SCCM, I discovered that the '80's, working in factories and what ever else a non-degreed person could scrounge up, had beat me up too much to work in the field... so no matter how much fun and giggles I can tell about my adventures during that quarter, I knew darned well I'd better settle for drawing pictures for engineers and the like.

I'm equally comfortable with MicroStation and AutoCAD, have a nodding acquaintance with ArcInfo, a passing fair hand drafter (actually, there's something zen-like in that dinosaur art for me, especially working ink on linen...). I've also produced a few how-to documents when I've had bosses discover that I would, and decided to utilize same.

My drafting history has a heavy emphasis on mapping (utility and cadastral), construction site drawings (commercial and residential, road ways, drainage & sewers, dredging, etc.) and electrical (generation to distribution and everything in between - plus intrumentation, schematics, P&ID's, details, etc.). Some structural work and brushes with architectural.

If anything, I am adaptable. (Of course, anybody in this line is bound to run into just about anything over the better part of two decades, I suppose.)

Resume' link: http://www.brightfuse.com/ackerly-kate
Well, that's one of them...

Personally, I'm married to John, a.k.a. "Stray Dog", have been since 1986.
I'm owned by a cat named "Harley", so named for his purr. Sounds like a Flat Head, but once in a while gets called Knuckle Head. He's been house boss since 1995.
I like to make things.
I'm a philistine artist and a writer of drivel. http://kate-mccridhe.deviantart.com/

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  • Welcome to LSU Kate!

    I'm unemployed due to the EEK-oh-no-money situation too, have been since the end of March. Good luck, you have a helluva resume, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time. If you have any of those softwares on your home computer, you could try calling around surveying and engineering firms to see if their is any contractual or part time work you could do. I would, but my AutoCAD is on the fritz and can't do anything about it at the moment.
    • Thanks!
      I have both MicroStation and AutoCAD on my laptop... unfortunately, they're not lisenced for commerce.
      I'm enrolled in Bentley's "Be Employable" program () for unemployed infrastructure personell.
      And also...
      AutoDesk, not to be left out, has the "Autodesk Assistance Program" (), for these uncertatin economic times.

      Anyrate, these kinds of downloads are basically student liscences, and you're not supposed to earn any money with them. AutoCAD is even set up that any print from this program will have "For Educational Purposes Only" prominently displayed. |:/

      In the past, when I've knocked on doors of companies, I usually got an initially interested response, and then something that I can only describe as very nervous after they read my resume.

      Help$ I'm Over Qualified$ by ~Kate-McCridhe on deviantART Admittedly, until now, I've only had to resort to that in remote and rural areas where it seemed like having a highschool education is being over qualified...
      This suggestion might be worth a shot.
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