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Comparison of orthometric heights determined by GPS and simple geometric levelling
Prof El Hassane SEMLALI, Prof Moulay Mohamed AJERAME, Hind HAMYA, Fouzia EL MARZOUQY

This article highlights the effect of altitude change and baseline length on the differences in orthometric heights between simple geometric leveling and GPS. We have used several experimental tests on three cases of different topography... [more]



“Public good” of geographic information
Mukund Rao
This large-scale Public Good of GI must only be encouraged, motivated and further enhanced so that the benefit of GI is available and accessible to every citizen, governance activity and all national development activity. India must not get left behind...

 Operating Civil Unmanned Aircraft System in India
Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India has issued draft Guidelines for obtaining Unique Identification Number (UIN) and Operation of Civil Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Coordinates invites comments on this at [email protected]...

 Selection of Suitable Matching Area in Gravity-Aided Inertial Navigation System
DanMei PENG, Cuijun DONG
This paper utilizes the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to integrate gravity fi eld’s local standard deviation, roughness, slope and correlation coeffi cients into one singular weighing indicator for the matching suitability of gravity fi eld, which can synthesize different information of different gravity feld’s characteristic with the original information lost within the allowable range...

 Cadastre and Land Register Maintenance in Finland
Ari Tella
Maintenance of LIS needs several software and auxiliary systems to work well. The LIS is complex combination of systems consisting of a number of subsystems, which all have to work together...

 Industry news GNSS update Other News

$ale by FoIF! - attractive discount on its products

Two New – RIEGL high speed Mobile Mapping Systems

V 60 GNSS RTK – Lighter & Faster!

FOCUS 35 Total Station Monitors Dam for Movement

Trimble Introduces Compact, Dual Antenna, High-Accuracy GNSS Module for System Integrators

Geode™—A Rugged Sub-Meter GNSS Receiver

CHC launches high-end GNSS receiver for science, surveying

Eos Positioning teams with SST Software

Datalink Ra.dio for GNSS Positioning by Harxon

Leica releases ‘self-learning’ GNSS receiver for survey


Seven Magnificent Surveyors!

Australia turns to GNSS for primary navigation

Iridium launches timing, location service as GPS back-up

Euro Soyuz orbits two Galileo satellites

China to launch 30 Beidou navigation satellites in next 5 yrs

South Korea revives GPS backup project

Russia deploys another GLONASS-M

Galileo PRS signal accessed via the cloud

European GNSS Agecy announces Pri ze for Galileo Initial Services


‘STARFIRE’ by the numbers!

China launches YAOGAN- 30

Mapping satellite puts China among best in the business

ISRO signs MoUs for space exploration with 37 countries

Helvetica, sans-serif"">Harris Geospatial Solutions to offer Icaros OneButton™

NASA marks success for most complex drone traffic management test

Xiaomi launches drone with 4K recording capabilities

GIS mapping, drones to help Railways prtect land

GIS-based map p.rotects children’s lives in Chiba

Autonomous Vehicles of the Future: The Drive to Safety Critical Performance


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