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Dear Fellows,


The purpose of this thread is to start a healthy discussion about the applications/tools/utilities needed by a survey professional as a cloud/online application. 

Some fellows suggested the following tools to be developed and make available to survey professionals as online applications

1. coordinate transformations from different geographic and projected systems

2. Processing of Total station files 

3. Plotting of survey data files in CAD/GIS files.

4. Traverse adjustment 
5. leveling computations

6. 3D modeling of survey data

7. TIN and contour generation

8. Geodesic, geoid and ellipsoidal calculations

9. Cross section and longitudinal cross sections

10. Corrections to Total station data applicable under different atmospheric conditions

11. scale factor application to grid and ground coordinates

I am looking for your ideas and suggestions. feel free to discuss about the applications/utilities/tools needed for survey professional to be developed as online services.


Imran Anees

The Spatio

Lahore, Pakistan

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  • No comment at this time..

  • These would be great online tools to have for free use, but with a few concerns.
    People who don't understand what they are doing will not know how to check to make sure that what they have done is correct.
    Also that keeping a place/ website like this up & maintained is not free.
    • Dear Ted,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The tools will be for Geomatics/Survey professionals hence they will have enough background knowledge about it. The validity will be depicted by the description of the algorithms or procedures used. 

      The maintenance and operation of these tools on a website is later issue.


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