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It's been a long time since I posted here, but here goes. I've been a surveyor for a number of years now and I'm very technical adept. I'm not the quickest surveyor but I always manage to come home with everything I need, in the required quality. Except when it comes to constructing up a CAD-drawing from disto-measurements! For some reason this simple task eludes me and I don't know why...


It seems like a simple enough job, right? When I'm met with a room with perpendicular walls, it's not a problem. I just put my rangefinder on each wall and get the dimensions and thats it. But the second I have walls that are at angles I don't know which measurements to take. It's like I can't imagine what distance measurements I'll need in order to construct the angular wall in cad. Does anyone now if there is a downloadable guide for this somewhere? Some useful tips?


Best regards,


Jacob Collstrup

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