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i wonder what calculator you guys might recomment to be used in the field for land surveying..what brand and what model of the calculators do you prefer or find useful?... please help me...

need your post... 

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    We have an entire new Hubs Section for Calculators....many hubs dedicated just to calculator surveying...

    Calculators - Hubs for Land Surveyors
    Community Hubs for Land Surveyors are sub-communities for discussing and sharing Surveying Jobs, Survey Equipment and special topics in land surveyin…
  • Hi Ivan,

    I can't imagine ,going in the field without one. I guess it is like my gun.

    You will not find me without it. Your profile reads TS,automatic levels,and  theodolite or (TS) .

    I can think of many reasons to have one with these 3. You are a civil Engineer, you could not be one without a calculator. Do not alway depend on Data collectors,or on board TS programs or laptops in the field.  The HP 48 GX was a calculator that double as a Data collector. It is not made anymore but some great calculators are. NASA has used HP calculators on their space flights for years and still do. You said you do construction site. You will not catch me on one without a calculator, but i am a Dino and with all the new gadgets I like to have plan B.Plan A sometimes don't always work. But to each his or her own.

    It's what you like to use. All surveying equipment is advancing to the point of who knows what next.But I fear the day Surveyors do not use a calculator in the field.

    Hp for Life,


    • Hi Everyone,

      Even though I promote Hp calculators,any calculator is better than none. So I promote any.

      Still my favorite is Hp,but use what you are most familiar with or you can learn how to use a HP. I use RPN,RPLisp. and Hp new language HP PPL for the HP Prime. There is also a new macro RPN that can be wrote for the Prime using the HP PPL to run it. These program language are what sets HP calculators above all the rest. There are many different types of RPN Levels that can be use on different calculators because of line XEQ and IDAM or IAM or programming. There are two kinds of RPL languages. All of these can be used in Surveying. Students need to learn how to use RPN first,then learn the others. 

      The calculators I use the most are the HP 11c, HP 32s,HP33s, HP35s, HP 41CX, HP 48 GX, HP49+, HP50G, and HP Prime. The HP 41CX is still my favorite but I still like all of them. There is a big list of HP calculators that have been used in Surveying,may be more than any other Brand.  Surveying changed because of the HP Calculators, so this reason many of you will agree.

  • Land Surveyor

    I can't imagine what kind of work requires calculator in a field...

  • HP for life. enough said.

  • Land Surveyor

    My got first calculator in 1975 it was a HP45 and I have been a HP fan ever since. I keep a HP48GX by my computer in the office and another on stays in my work truck.

  • HP's all the way! I have had HP 48GX, HP 11C and now an HP 35S and nothing else has compared in any interim I've had. The Casio's will get you by in a pinch, but I wouldn't want to be without my HP's for very long :) The 48GX being my favorite, but they don't make them anymore, you'd have to find them online for too much $$.
  • I still have my HP41C with survey module, in the back of the Jeep Liberty.

    Whenever I get into a fix, I just reach into my bag of tricks (Felix the Cat)

  • If you have a android device there is a pretty good app I like if you dont have a HP. Its called PG calculator. I am thinking I will build something like that into my survey app for android. It would be great for cut and fill as with COGO.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I've been using RealCalc for android, nice app that allows making the DMS key on top, plus can be set to RPN.

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