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I am looking for a speaker who can explain to non-surveyors how trees are used for Bearing Markers and how astronomy was possibly/probably used in surveys three thousand years ago in China. This is for a conference March 16-19 in Toronto.

    The argument that I am proposing is that many bronze vessels were land grants or surveyor plats. I argue that the attached image is an orchard and describe the irrigation and intercropping.

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  • You could contact the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors at

    Julia could put your request into our newsletter that all licensed surveyors receive and you could get someone local to Toronto....

  • Dear Mr. Jones,

    That sounds very interesting. Please contact me directly (see my profile) and we'll see what is possible. I enjoy public speaking and can usually find appropriate metaphors to "turn on the light bulb." I will need to learn a bit more of what you've learned about bronze memorials.


    • I have read many of your postings and, as a non-surveyor, have found them very useful. Is this a convenient way to communicate?

      • I would expect e-mail would be more convenient. Please check my profile. One should be able to see my address there.


  • Party Chief

    Very Cool!

This reply was deleted.

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