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I have a Nikon NPR 362 with a TDS Ranger which has SurveyPro on it. I just need someone to help me walk through a simple 4 point shoot and stake.

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  • You can approach this many ways. You can inverse point to point to gain the correct distance between points. I might possibly shoot the points and then go into show station, or possibly you could stake to line if you are interested in points in between. this will show coerect distance inbetweeen your points.
    • Jim, thank you for your responds. I am looking for the step by step of how to run it on the Ranger. (Turn power on, you should see this screen. Press this button on the screen and you should see that. Move your prism pole here and click on this...etc.)
  • Love It!! Why do you ask?
    • Jim, I have 4 points marked in the parking lot. I want to record those 4 point using Survey Pro on my Ranger 300x which is connected to my total station (Nikon NPR 362). Then I want to download it as a text file into my CAD program. Could you list me the steps I need to do in order to accomplish this? Can you help me?
      • Monti I am sorry my friend. I did not see this reply. I hope you figured it out. I certainly hope you are not still standing out in the parking lot.
    • I am glad to hear that you like the software. I am new to Survey Pro on my TDS Ranger. So Jim. can you help me walk through the steps of staking a point every 100 feet between Point A and Point B which are 700 feet apart. Now this is from turning the data logger on which is connect to my total station. I you want to call me and do it over the phone or type step by step or even use Skype that will all be awesome. I would greatly appreciate it. Skype would be great if you have a webcam so I can see. let me know.
      Thanks Jim
  • 4 point shoot and stake? Not sure what you mean. I've used Survey Pro for about 14 years when it came out for the 48 GX, then I used it on Rangers, Recon's, and then a TSC2. Are you talking about doing a Resection? Usually that's done using 3 points.
    • Hello Chris
      Thanks for the reply. The four point and stake I meant by drawing 4 points or any number of points in AutoCAD then export the file to the Ranger or to the Survey Pro on the Ranger. Then use the Ranger with the Total station and stake out those four points in the parking lot for example or in the backyard. Then changing the positions of those points and shoot the locations of those points with the total station and reverse the process and ending up seeing those points in AutoCAD. I would like to learn the complete process step by step of doing this since I have never done it before and learning all this is new to me. I am currently a student and have only taken one semester of Introduction to Surveying. No time on any surveying equipment except GPS equipment. Do you have skype with a webcam? maybe you can help me walk through the process.
      Thank you for your time.
      • No, I don't have Skype anymore, nor a webcam. Maybe I can help you here though.

        In AutoCAD, click on Points on your menu, this should drop down a menu. Choose Create Point and Manual. Here you can place the point anywhere you want. If you already have the object drawn in there, you just place the point where ever you want to stake, but make sure the point goes where you want by Holding down Alt and Right click to choose where you want the point to "Snap" to. For example if you're staking the 4 corners of a square house, choose Points>Create Points>Manual and then make sure you can see where you want to place your point and hit Alt+Right Click and choose Intersection. This will make sure the point ONLY goes to the intersection of 2 lines that you choose. Do this 3 more times to get the other 3 corners.

        Now to export the points, click Points>Export Points then choose what format to use, I like a .csv file myself because it makes a sheet that can be used by Excel as well as your Ranger. Name it and choose where you want to save it to.

        Now you can hook up your Ranger to the computer, Import Fixed Format files, choose .csv and then use the Ranger to navigate Windows (I'm assuming you have Windows, otherwise I can't help :)) and find where you saved the .csv file from AutoCAD and then choose the file.

        Now you should be able to start a new job and import that file right in and use it.

        To do the opposite, just go backwards. After you collect your points in the field, Export Fixed Format, .csv, then save it to the same folder you would have exported from earlier. Then in the drawing itself, click Points>Import Points>.csv and then find the points. It's just the reverse of the Export.

        I hope this helps, if you get lost, I'll help out as best I can.
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