Hi, I am looking to purchace a used / reconditioned reflectorless total station to bluetooth pair with a trimble TSC3 data collector running Survey Pro. 

Can tou guys advise me please on some appropriate models and whether I am tied to a Trimble Total station please?

I'm looking for some intital information to help me start my investigations into appropriate models / makes. 

Kind regards


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  • Hi Ian,

    first of all what types of Survey you wanna use the TS(Total Station)for.

    As far as I know Trimble TSC3 can only be connected to Survey TS from Trimble

    I know for sure TSC3 does not work with SPS XXX TS from Trimble for Machine Control.

    How ever as mentioned use of Reflectorless TS??

    • Hi Stefan, thanks for your time.

      I currently use a Trimble R8 GNSS receiver paired with the TSC3. I want now to be able to utilise a total station into the survey site to negate the issue of poor sat visibility in the 'Urban Canyon', however, I'm learning fast that I now just can't pick a total station to pair with the TSC3.

      What I'm looking for is an entry level reflectorless total station to survey the areas the GNSS can't get to.

      I'm a one-man operation that's why reflectorles.

      Kind regards


      • Hi Ian,

        if you do not require a robotic TS and mostly use reflectorless  I would advise

        you for Leica instruments as the reflectorless measurement range is better than Trimble.

        To make it easy to understand on "shallow" angles Trimble gives you "false" readings

        do to the build of the Instruments (not go into details). Again all depends on what Surveys and how accurate you need it. Don't get me wrong Trimble makes very good Instruments

        and it might is not a issue. You can pick up used S-Series(Robotic) instruments for a fairly good price  as well Leica ones. How much you think investing?

  • Nikon Nivo or NPL is the cheapest way in. NPL has a lock for your horizontal and vertical motion and Nivo has a robot style fine adjustment with no lock. If you don't mind used, I've seen topcons for pretty cheap on eBay.
    • Thanks Peter :)

  • If you go to the instrument setup in Survey Pro, it will tell you what guns are supported. Google the specs on each gun and see which have the reflectorless capabilities you are after. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks Ronnie, that's good advise.

  • Topcon. Older GPT 3000. The new Topcon is garbage. Nikon is your best bang for the buck...NPL series.
    • Thanks Rob :)

  • Do it ! Leica or Trimble
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