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Good day fellows, 

Can you please share your video clip on how to adjust each vertical and horizontal cross hairs  of our instruments to each precise positions? 

Thank you.

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  • Hi Joseph, can I just confirm that you are talking about permanent adjustment of the instrument rather than lining up precisely on a target?


  • Yeah....if the reticle is so screwed that it can't be instrumentally adjusted...then pro repairs are the way to go. My internal Topton program is pretty decent...but you need a minimum 300 siting prism. But I think we all have access to
  • This is not a simple task.  I adjust the laser pointer in my Leica total stations, but adjusting the crosshairs would require a full blown test bench.  

  • This is best taught in person. It is different from instrument to instrument in particulars. Consider engaging an expert who can certify the results.


  • I serviced levels and transits for a number of years. All the major companies sell the equipment to do so. It is not cheap. I had to go to Switzerland for my training. The equipment and training was expensive  20 years ago.  Unless you follow that route I suggest you pay the $100 or so the have it done right. It is cheap insurance for doing the job wrong.

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