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a horizontal curve calculator..

final project in my programming subject  is a simple turbo c++ program,,

-any idea on how to make my program nicer?? heheh ^_^

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  • Hello again ,To all you surveyor who still use a calculator and to those just starting out. The only RPN logic science calculator made to day is the HP 35s. There are other calculators for those who do not use  RPN  system, but i have use it so long  it's hard to think any other way.  You can not take a computer to take your test. Learning math will get you everything. And for those surveyors in the field today a good data collector is a must. But a good back will always save the day. All it takes are some dead batteries on that collector  and a day will be shot.A lot of total station users may or may not know how to use the on board  programs or don't have the transfer hardware that did not come with the gun.So a field book or clip board and your calculator may come in handy one day.Sure curves can be solve without a program but good curve programs helps in the field or taking a test I have a ready mention the curves HP 35s programs at MN dot. and they include more than curves. But here are some more you can download for the HP 35s. At PDFDRIVE , They also have e books that are free.


    There are lot of PDF files and many HP 35s programs, Horiz, and Vert. curves. are just a few.


    This site is under development
  • Hi again,   The emulators i found  at Debug4x are some of the best that i have found. when you download this file open the file by double click and the install program will start. You will be ask where to put the short cuts in start programs files, you can start a new folder if you like,if you already have a HP folder you can use it.  A  debug4x short cut will be install on your desktop you do not have to open this file unless your are familiar with this project kit,  so leave it alone or move it somewhere safe. Your calculators will be in the start files open it and you will see the HP emulators . You can install the cogo+lt   free survey program, this is a zip file it must be extracted first to it 's on file .  Click on one of three emulators HP 50g,49g+,or 49g, ,Cut the calculator on and click on EDIT,then on load object, a object load warning will appear click yes then a document page will appear, click on the cogoplus file three files will appear.  Make sure the calculator is on and click on the first file,it will appear on the calculator screen, then press 0  (zero) then sto,  repeat this for the next two files then cut the calculator off . Then click the on key, and press the C key on the key board, hold down then release at the same time , this will warm boot the calculator. Now click on apps and scroll down to the 16 line cogo+std ,and click ok. Now  you have many survey program that you can use ,if you put this on a laptop you can use it in the field. It does all the math that you find on a Data Collector, Trav, Inverse pt's  for AZ and dist  inverse curves, angles, pt to line and pt to a curve. You can also create jobs, sto points.and there is a lot more, triangles, curves,3 pt curves curves through a fix pt. and spirals and it's all free. Also make sure to set calculator settings and cogo+lt settings.

    let me know if you need help.


  • Hi again,   For those looking for computer programs for Highway Curves the MN cogo32 is a very good tool for highway curves.  This program also calculates Public Lands Surveys section breakdowns, and there are more helpful  PC programs on this page.



    MnDOT Survey Tools and Technology
    The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its home page with links to its regional offices, bid letting, construction, future highway plans…
  • Hi again everyone, Also right now HP is letting you download their HP35s emulator at several sites.If you  know how to program this RPN system this is a very good pocket size calculator for a surveyor. A real one will only run you around 60 bucks.And even if you do not know how to program it and want to learn this is a good place to start. This is also one of the calculator approved for both Sit and PLS test. But anyway back to the 35 emulator.Go to www,Educalc.net and locate the HP 35s emulator download. You will need to download from the cached archive file, you can also download the HP 35 manual there also. Now here is the big thing,go here

    http://www.dot.state.mn.us/surveying/toolstech/survsoft.html . Here is a page with a lot of highway software, scroll down find HP 35 programs download them .Now you have all the HP35 programs used by MN dot.this includes there curve programs for the HP 35s, if you have a HP33 they are there to.Let me know if you can not find these programs.


  • Back again , I went to Simple Geospatial Solutions software sales page and it does say that you can use cogo+std, and cogo+pro on a emulator,but i think i would only use them on a real calculator. But it's what you need.  Go for it.  All mine work great, but if you need it in the field you need a real calculator. A Hp 50g is a very good calculator.  But keep in mine this is not a data collector,but the next best thing, and it can be used almost as one and it is a powerful mathematical tool with transferable files.   Read the reviews!

    good day;  billy

  • Hi again,  I forgot to [email protected]  Simple Geospatial Sollutions they also have links for the Emulators information page for your phones, Android ,I phone or I pad.

  • Back again. Also if if like the old 41cx you can down load it from www.surveyorresourcepage .com this emulator come with the HP 41cx survey pac.It has all the programs horiz. curve and vert.curve, trav. inverse, area,cutting off area and much more. one of the most advanced calculator ever made.

  • Hey everyone, you can get a neat little curve calculator from www.surveyorresourcepage.com  but if you are looking for more go Simple Geospatial Solutions, http.sgss.ca. Go to there about link and there you will find a link to Debug4x down load it, This development kit includes 5 emulator calculators , Hp 50g,49g+,49g.48gx.48gii .the 50g and the 49g+and the 49g will run cogo lt for free.You can down load it from the Simple Geospatial Solutions  site ,it has hor. curve, vert. curve and spirals solution with coors. layout. not only that you get point traverse, inverse, intersections, area by points,compass rule, and  there is  even more ,and its all free.  If you like it they have cogo std and cogo pro you can buy,  but you will need the real calculators for them. These programs work with many other survey programs you can import and export ASCII files from them .Also they have a lot more free stuff. the cogo pro is very advanced program.This makes a niece companion to your other equipment.If not there always the free stuff.

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